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Thank you for supporting my efforts to share my trail experiences with you! It is of course a dream come true to be able to make a living out of living one’s dreams. In my quest to continue bringing you, the reader/viewer, along on my adventures – these are some ways you can assist with those endeavors…   

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The first way you might contribute is by shopping on Amazon through my Amazon Affiliate Links (I get a small kickback from anything you buy).  You can do this by simply clicking on the adorable CatFox image below, then shopping and searching as you normally would on Amazon (No codes, no sign ups, no nothing); if you’re going to shop and buy things anyway, then I greatly appreciate you doing it  through my affiliate links 🙂


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Purchasing any of my books goes a long way towards keeping me on trail and sharing the journey with you! You can get more information and purchasing options by clicking on either of the books below!

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I’m always getting new gear, trying out new gear, or replacing worn out/damaged gear. The quest for gear gets really expensive, really quick. Any help acquiring new gear is immensely appreciated! Click on the wand to see my Backpacking Wish list!

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