“Racing Winter on the PCT”

Racing Winter on the Pacific Crest Trail

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Kyle and his little dog “Katana” are at it again as they take you along for every step of their 2,650 mile adventure hiking the Pacific Crest Trail!

Embark on another grand adventure across the most diverse, beautiful, and unforgiving terrain in North America. Prepare to feel the blistering heat of the southwestern deserts as you dodge rattlesnakes in the never ending quest for water. Climb into thin air and the dizzying heights of the Sierra Nevada alpine while post holing through miles of treacherous snow pack. Fight the brutal heat waves of northern California as dust cakes your skin and chokes your pores. Hurdle the countless blow downs and foot chewing lava rock of remote Oregon – and brave the freezing storms across the barren ridge-lines of Washington’s Northern Cascades.

This is the adventure you signed up for, and now must see it thru to the bitter end. Face the unknown, embrace solitude, and push the limits of your physical and mental thresholds. You better buckle up, this is the Pacific Crest Trail…