My Gear List

After many miles, and many a rough day and night; I have my gear dialed in perfectly for my comfort level, as well as preferences. Although my comfort levels and preferences are constantly evolving, I try to keep this list as up to date as possible with my most recent gear love affairs. This gear list is one I would feel comfortable with for a thru hike of the AT, PCT, or CDT. There are a few seasonal and regional tweaks I would make to it; those are listed at the bottom.

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2400 Southwest


Sleep System

Clothing – Warm Weather

Clothing – Cold Weather

Ghost Whisperer down jacket……….8.4 oz

Ghost Lite Wind Shell Jacket……… 3.1 oz





  Storage Sacks



The Minimalist Wallet

Dog Gear

Base Weight: Approx 176.4 oz – 11 lbs

Base Weight= Weight of pack and everything in it; minus consumables (i.e water, food, toilet paper, toothpaste, fuel, etc.) I’ve excluded the weight of any clothing items I will be hiking in the majority of the time (warm weather clothing).

Standby Gear

This is Gear I keep on standby in the event that I want/need it. Perhaps I’ve been having a rough time and want a little more protection/comfort out of my shelter or sleeping pad.  The base layers are what I keep on standby for colder months, or colder regions of trail. Think Early Spring, Early Fall anywhere on the Appalachian Trail or Pacific Crest Trail. Think any time of year for the Sierra Nevada and Northern Cascades of the Pacific Crest Trail. Think entire trail anytime of year for the Continental Divide Trail. The 10 degree sleeping bag is kept on standby for exceptionally cold conditions, or if I’m feeling extra cold sensitive for some reason. 

Harrier Hoody, Black, large