New Florida Trail Book!

I’m happy to finally announce the release of the new Florida Trail book, “Dogged Days on the Florida Trail!” (Click on image below to link to Amazon product page)

Thank you all for your patience and continued support throughout these endeavors. None of it is possible without y’all, and I’m very grateful for all of you ☺

It’s been a rough year as we all know, and Katana and I have been mostly laying low on the beach in Florida, but doing very well, all things considered! I’ve contracted Covid twice, possibly three times this year, but have been lucky enough not to experience any lingering issues (so far).

No more crazy trips planned until next year! Without giving away any details, and pending the (hopefully not) total collapse of civilization before next year – I should be hiking around 5k miles between 6 different trails beginning around February (with Katana getting in on some of the action!).

I hope you’re all staying healthy and happy, and as always… thank you again from the bottom of my heart for all the love and support you’ve shown us over the years!


  1. Thanks for the email notification……just ordered via Kindle. We thoroughly enjoyed your blog & now look forward to reading your book. So glad you share your adventures!!

  2. Just got the email on the new book ,will order today, i have been reading through your other books again just to keep my mind busy. Thanks for hiking an written.

  3. I’m going to download the Kindle version now. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. Stay safe and hug Katana for me; she’s beautiful!

  4. Glad to hear from you again. As an older hiker I enjoy reading your books and your daily posts while You are hiking. Having experienced some of the things you write about helps me to recall past hikes I have done. Enjoy many new miles of hiking.

  5. I assumed that you make a larger profit on the ebook, so I bought the Kindle version and plan to buy a signed/paw-printed hardcopy of it when they are available! Glad to hear you survived C19… multiple times! Stay healthy, both of you!! You are appreciated!!

  6. No Covid here but Mary and I are having our share of surgeries this summer….Got your new Florida Trail book last week….I’m sure it will make a great read while we convalesce….Been with you since the beginning of your and Katana’s treks…..Glad to be here!…..Thank You!

  7. Glad to here about another book. I’ve read them all and the blogs. So of course I ordered it today. Love you Katana!

  8. Wow….so glad to hear from you!! I am very happy to hear you (and Katana) are doing well, there’s nothing wrong with hanging at the beach 😀 I am really happy to hear you have finished another book…looking forward to digging into it as soon as I get it. Take care and keep safe. Hope you don’t have a third round with this stupid virus!

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