Mayor Hikes the Pinhoti Trail–Day 27

Day 27
March 11, 2020

Zero Day

I decided to go with the three hard days option, and I’ll tell you why. When I woke up this morning it was raining, so I asked myself… “Self —  would you rather spend three days in the rain or four days in the rain, regardless of difficulty?” And Self replied… “Three days, it’s a NO-BRAINER!” So here I am.

R & R

It’s been a low-key day, as most zeroes are. I had a romantic lunch for one at the “Chili’s” next door (saving a few fries for Katana), then ordered pizza for dinner.


There’s really not much else to say, so I’m just gonna talk about current events. By the time you’re reading this, a lot more will have transpired than what I’m writing about now. But to-date, the W.H.O. declared a worldwide pandemic, and Trump just set a travel ban for Europe and is talking about regional and state quarantines. It would seem we have a bit of a situation developing…

I do feel a bit vulnerable being out here and away from friends, family, and the familiarity of my hometown. I don’t want to get cut off from home, but I’m confident I’ll be done in the next three days before anything drastic gets instated… I hope.

On the Road

Tomorrow includes a 25 mile road stretch; I’ll aim for 30+ miles. I’ve always done at least one 30+ mile day on every thru-hike. I’ll need an early start and good time management. Hopefully, it won’t rain too hard…

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