Mayor Hikes the Pinhoti Trail Day 3


That’s right… you know I’m the king of zero days – especially rainy ones! But in all truthfulness, I never need an excuse to relax and take it easy. The rain just serves to wash away the guilt of doing nothing.

I awoke to rain, as well as a surprising soreness in my shoulders, hamstrings, calves, and feet. The sore feet surprised me the most, because they remained fairly bulletproof throughout all last year’s 4,000 or so miles. I thought about it for a little bit. It didn’t take much to realize that my walking mechanics are totally different with Katana on my pack while going up and downhill; all the way down to how my feet make contact with the ground. When I constantly have to keep my torso and shoulders as close to parallel to the ground as possible – a chain reaction of movements takes place from my feet, all the way up to my neck. Well, I felt that chain reaction this morning. Couple that with the rain and cold, and it wasn’t difficult to decide to let my feet and muscles rest today.

So I laid up in the van all morning after talking to Kimm and Nathan in the hostel for about an hour. When afternoon rolled around they invited me (along with Nathan’s adolescent son and daughter) to have lunch with them in Sylacauga. I accepted, and was treated by them to my first Mexican Buffet called “L’acosta” (not knowing Mexican buffets were a thing until today). I’m grateful to them for introducing me to this new culinary treat!

Kimm and Nathan are incredibly kind souls. I look forward to watching their new business succeed as the Pinhoti gains in popularity over time.  I only hope I can do my small part in bringing more attention to this little known trail.

Pinhoti Outdoor Center

I’m going to post the Pinhoti Outdoor Center’s information in case anyone reading this finds themselves in this area. Not only are they a hostel, but they provide shuttles and resupply support throughout the entire trail and surrounding areas (for hikers, bikers, paddlers, and whoever else). So they can certainly ease the logistics of whatever it is you want to do around here.


The forecast tomorrow is looking a little dryer in the morning; I’m going to hike out no matter what. Unfortunately, the next 3 days after tomorrow are showing almost 100% rain. I’m so not looking forward to that, but it is what it is. We’ll see how it pans out…

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