Q & A (New Questions?)

Answered Questions (New Questions?)


This post is geared towards questions people asked in the comment section of my “Post CDT Hike” post. Granted, only two people asked questions, but after reading this post, I’m hoping more people will feel inclined to ask more questions or request subjects of particular interest they would like me to write blog posts/articles about.


The first question was, “What kind of food do I gravitate towards when I get into town?”  

This is actually a subject I really enjoy talking about beeeeecuzzzz… good gravy do I love food, and I love it 100x more when I’m thru hiking! I’m not a picky eater, but I do have several “go to” foods when I get into town. In no particular order, if available, I will seek out – pizza, buffalo wings, cheese fries, big burgers, sub sandwiches, French dips, sushi (only if it’s AYCE), huge burritos (breakfast/lunch/dinner), huge cinnamon rolls, smothered hash browns, anywhere with endless chips and salsa, or any kind of buffet. I’ve eaten more town meals made up of what I’ve described above than anything else over the past 6 years. I eat those things, and I eat them until I’m stuffed full; and if I’m not stuffed full after one order, I order it again, or I order something else I have listed above. It’s an ugly business, but no matter what… the pounds keep melting away, and that’s a beautiful thing.

As a bonus, I’m going to add some of my most common “go to” trail foods. I definitely don’t get as creative as I could (out of laziness and not being picky), but some of these might give ya’ll some ideas. In no particular order – Idohoan Instant Mashed Potatoes; freeze dried backpacking meals; 2 Minute Rice; cous cous; beef jerky; sausage sticks; cheddar brats; steak; corned beef hash; spam; spam spread; spicy tuna pouches; club crackers (to put the tuna on); hard salami, pepper jack cheese, and spicy mustard bagel sandwiches; Pringles; Spaghettios; Lays Stax; Doritos; Cheeto Cheese Puffs; Sour Brite Gummy Worms; Candy Corn; Snickers; anything dark chocolate; Juanitas Tortilla Chips; French Baguettes; Avocados; pumpkin seeds; dark chocolate almonds; various Campbell Soups (sometimes); potato stix; Moon Pies; Jumbo Hunny Buns; Old Fashion Doughnuts; Mini Doughnuts; Zebra Cakes; Propel flavor packets (electrolytes); and real bacon bits, just to name the main ones that come to mind. I don’t do a ton of cooking anymore and I have countless creative combinations of things swirling around me head that I’ve picked up over the years, but… I just keep it simple.    


The second question was, “What books did I read about hiking prior to my hikes, and did I carry them as a reference?”

This is going to be a pretty short answer, and one that I’m a little embarrassed of. Although I’m in the business of writing books and other content about hiking… I’ve never actually read a hiking book, ever. The closest I’ve ever come to reading a hiking book is probably the “Lord of the Rings” series. The biggest reason for not reading any other hiking book – I’m terrified of gaining insight to something I may discover organically myself. That’s a dumb reason, but it’s true. The next biggest reason is that I’m afraid the style, overtones, or original ideas of other hiker writers will subconsciously influence my own writing/subject matter, and I want to avoid that. Another dumb reason, but I can’t help it. I’m still pretty novice at this book writing stuff, and I want my style and voice to continue to develop uninfluenced by my fellow hiker writer peers for a little longer before I read similar subject matter to my own.


So there’s some answers to some questions. The rest of you… please feel free to submit any other questions or subject matters you’d like to see written about!