Mayor’s 2019 CDT Redemption Hike Day 130

Mayor's 2019 CDT Redemption Hike-Last Days

Day- 130
Date- October 27, 2019
Location- Silver City
Elevation- 5,912
Distance Traveled Today- 14.5 miles
Distance Traveled Total-
Weather/Temp-2,523.2 miles
Injuries- bad toenail
Pain level- zero
Spirits/Morale- phew!
Wildlife encounters- zero
Days without shower- 0
Days without laundry- 0
Hunger/craving- zero


I was up and walking at 7 am.  After another half mile on trail, I hit forest road and remained on it all the way into Silver City.

The road walking was dull, but quick. Unfortunately, nothing of particular excitement or noteworthiness occurred. Although, when I was a few miles outside of the town limits, I got a message from Dale saying he was going to be in Silver City for the day and wanted to hang out. He finished his hike a couple days earlier and was now road tripping with another hiker named “Toy Story” and his family.

2nd Lunch

As I reached the edge of town just before noon, I noticed a Pizza Hut and made a beeline to it. However, right after I’d placed my order, I got a message from Dale to meet him for lunch at another spot about a mile away. So I waited to get my pizza, then ate it en-route to the other restaurant where I met Dale. From there we walked to a new hostel called “Triple Crown Hostel” and met up with Jetpack (who’d already been there since yesterday).

We all hung out and caught up and started a load of laundry. The only reason I mention laundry is because of one of the pictures in this post that needs explanation. Some hostels will have “loner clothes” for you to wear while you’re waiting on laundry. Sometimes outfits can get pretty eclectic. In this case, I only wore a pair of jeans and a “Kinesiology Club” t-shirt. That’s not necessarily weird in itself, but I also found a pair of yellow safety glasses that you’d wear while weed whacking or chain sawing. Once I put those on, I went from relatively normal looking, to looking like an Elton John back-up singer.

We then proceeded to run some errands; when I say “errands” – I mean, “walk across town to Dairy Queen.” In the process we even got to catch a small “Day of the Dead” parade that was marching across town.

How Many?

Today was low key and enjoyable. Dale got picked up this evening, and then it was just me and JP again. On another note, I was crunching some numbers today,  trying to figure out what my total mileage for this hike is going to be. I was dismayed to see that it was going to fall slightly short of 2,700 miles, which is directly in the middle for the average total miles most people long-distance hike. Well, I’ve already hiked the 2,600 mile range on the PCT, and I want to break into the 2,700 mile tier. So I devised a silly plan…

I mapped out a loop of roads and trails going out and back into town (some of them part of the official CDT which I have not hiked on in this section) that will give me over 19 extra miles. Those extra miles should put me just over 2,700 miles when I hit Mexico.

Is it necessary? Not really. Is it unnecessary extra work? Yeah, more or less. But I have OCD – especially when it comes to numbers. If we really want to split hairs, walking anywhere in this day and age isn’t exactly the most efficient form of travel. However, it is good for the soul, and I’m all about maintaining the healthy condition of mine. I was killing it for too long before I discovered the beautiful intoxication of long distance hiking…

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