Mayor’s 2019 CDT Redemption Hike Day 114

Mayor's 2019 CDT Redemption Hike- October Cuban Cafe

Day 114
October 11, 2019

Zero Day

I guess none of you are too surprised that today was a zero day.  I wasn’t really planning on it,  but I got sucked in.

Jetpack, Smiles, and myself had an awesome breakfast at a small local joint called the “Cuban Cafe.” Their Huevos Rancheros was on par!

Jetpack hiked out a little after 11 am,  but I was determined to have lunch before leaving.  Sadly, this was where Smiles’ thru-hike was finished.  She’d be catching a bus to Santa Fe at 2 pm and flying out to see family in Portland.

As noon rolled around and our extended checkout dwindled away, I just wasn’t feeling the day’s hike and decided to re-up the room. I know… I’m lazy, or maybe just needed to re-energize myself.


Smiles and I hung out until her bus arrived and then said our goodbyes. And just like that – I’d gone from hiking around eight other amazing people down to one. Nom and Sundown were still just behind, but we’d only just caught up to them after almost 4 months of hiking. I’m not sure they’ll be going the same pace. 

It’s 106 miles to the next town called Grants. It’s supposed to be one of the prettiest and most unique sections in New Mexico. The jury is still out…

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