Mayor’s 2019 CDT Redemption Hike Day 92

Day 92
September 19, 2019

Zero Day

It would have been a gorgeous day to hike, but it was also a gorgeous day to NOT hike and take some time to enjoy a charming little Colorado town.

Smiles and I walked a mile across town to get breakfast at a greasy spoon diner called the Patio Pancake.  After that I walked with her to the post office and then went my own way to resupply at Safeway.

Good Timing

As I was walking across the parking lot towards Safeway, another thru- hiker I’d met at the hostel (his name is Aladdin) was also walking across; he was leaving with a handful of bags. I gave him a silent wave and nod, then entered the building. As I grabbed the first cart I saw and pushed it in a few yards, I noticed there was a cell phone in the child section of the cart. It had a CDT sticker on the back,  so I immediately assumed it was Aladdin’s. 

I called Jetpack (who was at the hostel) and told her that I’d found Aladdin’s phone in Safeway and to let him know when he arrived back at the hostel. This would prevent him from freaking out for at least the 40 minutes it would take until I got back. In the end,  he was immeasurably grateful! It was great luck and timing all around. The trail provides!

Since this next stretch is a 100+ mile carry, I got quite a large resupply that included cheddar brats, beef sausages, fancy Italian salami, and a bunch of instant mash potatoes, pumpkin cheesecake cookies, and vanilla chocolate covered pretzels – just to name a few things.  I’m going to be feasting for this stretch.


Six of us went out this evening to a brewery and pizza place – including Jetpack, Toast,  Swift,  and the two Lukes. Not only did they have an excellent cream ale, but they also had a homemade cream soda that was better than any bottled soda I’ve ever had. We had a great time together, and I brought some pizza back for Smiles.

We’re headed back to trail at 7 am tomorrow with a woman named Stacy. She works at a gear shop in town and offered the ride earlier this morning (while Jetpack was perusing their merchandise).  The trail provides yet again…

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