Mayor’s 2019 CDT Redemption Hike Day 86

Day 86
September 13, 2019

Zero Day/Work Day

Today was the day of Melanzana. What is that you ask? Why, it’s a clothing company based solely out of Leadville, Colorado.  You can’t order their clothing online or by phone.  You can only get it directly from the source – the store in Leadville.

Their clothing has reached cult status within the hiking community and beyond. Every morning there is a line of people waiting to get in and buy whatever they’ve sewn overnight. Then throughout the day they are making more and putting it out on the racks – but it gets bought as fast as it is put out. They limit each customer to only two garments per day.


Originally, I wanted to be a rebel and not jump on the Melanzana band wagon. However, when I went in and tried one on, I was instantly hooked. I don’t quite know how to describe how amazing their micro grid fleece mid layer is (their main seller)…  only knew I needed it in my life the second I put it on. So I bought two – but not at the same time.  I had to come back later to see if they had made the size and color I wanted.  What I ended up with was a solid burnt orange fleece and a solid black fleece. I plan to carry both with me from now on. 

That means I’m now carrying 3 mid layer fleece tops. If this seems like overkill,  it probably is.  But I don’t care.  With the weather getting cold, I can keep one layer on for hiking and getting sweaty (when it’s unbearably cold); one layer for sleeping in if the other is compromised; and the third one as a pillow. Bing, bang, boom. A place for everything, and everything in its place.  I’ll gladly carry the extra weight/warmth, especially since my sleeping bag is only rated for a paltry 30 degrees (if that).

One of a Kind

Today was spent figuring out how to beat the two garment limit.  I only wanted my two,  but Schweppes wanted me to pick one up for him. Jetpack was trying to get her Christmas shopping done early. So when I bought my first two,  I wore my hat and sunglasses and was bundled up.  When I bought the second two,  I was hat-less and in a t-shirt. They never asked any questions and happily took my money.  Win – win.

Nine of us went out to dinner tonight, including Coma and a couple of Colorado Trail hikers. Get togethers like that are always so bittersweet. I love it when we can get that many people together to go out, but it’s almost always a one time thing. The chances of all those people being in the same place at the same time again is slim to none. So it’s fun, but it’s sad knowing that it’s an impromptu “one off” thing.  Especially when all the people are of an amazingly high caliber. You could never recreate this gathering outside the trail (or even on it) again. It just doesn’t happen.  Chalk it up to just one more reason the long distance hiking experience is one of a kind.

Tomorrow we hike…

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