Mayor’s 2019 CDT Redemption Hike Day 80

Day- 80
Date- September 7, 2019
Location- Winter Park
Elevation- ?
Distance Traveled Today- 11.4 miles
Distance Traveled Total- 1,531.6 miles
Weather/Temp- cloudy, 60s
Injuries- none
Pain level- zero
Spirits/Morale- wary
Wildlife encounters- none
Days without shower- 0
Days without laundry- 0
Hunger/craving- zero


Today was an easy day with a unique spin on it. Or at least I put a unique spin on it.

The owner of the Viking Lodge (a man named Scott) gave Jetpack, Leap Frog, Shark Bait, and I a ride up to the top of Berthoud Pass around noon. There was some weather brewing, so we were in a hurry to knock out the miles back into town and connect our footprints.

There were multiple thousands of feet in elevation from Berthoud Pass back down to Winter Park. The highway wound like a snake down the steep mountainside in vast loops and switchbacks. In an effort to keep things interesting and adventurous… and also because I felt some guilt at copping out on the trail and walking the highway – I decided to spice up my descent to Winter Park.

The Highway Provides

I did a repeat of yesterday and barreled down the mountainside – leaping guard rails, rock hopping, sliding down sheer slopes, pushing through thick vegetation, hurdling blow-downs, and tripping over anything and everything. It was intensely interesting to get a look at a mountainside forest that was essentially sandwiched between coils of highway. There were a lot of odds and ends to be found lying around. Things that had come off the highway at one point or another over the long years (from accidents and such). No old corpses though.

After my smash and go run down the mountainside (that I nearly regretted close to a half dozen times), I wrapped up the day with a 5 mile straight away back into town. Everyone else came in a little over an hour later.

We all had dinner at the Nepalese restaurant again… AND AGAIN I looked like a turd in a punch bowl. However, I did not smell like one this time!

The weather tomorrow isn’t looking good, and the trail is almost nothing but exposed ridge walking. We’re playing it by ear, but tomorrow will most likely be a zero day for weather and safety.

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