Mayor’s 2019 CDT Redemption Hike Day 66

Mayor's CDT Redemption Hike 2019-Big Sky Deer

Day 66
August 24, 2019

Zero Day/My Birthday

I’m 30 years old today. I’m told by individuals much older and wiser than I that my thirties will be one of the best decades – or at least it has the potential to be. And, you know what? I believe them. As much as I rue getting older, I believe them.

What set me down this current path I’m on… was deciding to listen to those much older than myself; particularly what they had to say about life, death, and regret.  And not just listen to that advice, but take it to heart and put it into practice. You can hear things, you can listen, but it means nothing even when the information or advice strikes a chord… if all you do is nod your head and nothing else. Act!


One of the encouraging things said to me about turning 30 is that other adults (mostly older) will finally begin to take you seriously. If this is true, then I would like to impart some of the most important things I’ve learned in my short time on this earth. Hopefully, you will take it seriously.

What you do from day to day matters, no matter how small. How you conduct yourself, how you interact with others and whether you tell the truth–matters. The effort you put into whatever it is you’re doing, no matter how seemingly insignificant or banal, matters. When you do all of this… when you wake up every morning and do the best you can do while treating others the best you can treat them… the world becomes a measurably better place – and that’s the truth. Your energy, your words, and your actions spread out in concentric circles – touching, affecting, and infecting all with whom you come in contact.  As a result, what then radiates out from them is partly or completely a product of what they’ve received from you – even if it’s nothing more than a smile, a show of patience, or offering simple kindness (where it may have been hard to find). Conversely, this goes the same for negativity, rudeness, lying, or impatience. Simply try to be the best you can be. Make yourself better every day, and the world literally becomes a measurably better and richer place for the effort. This may sound cliche, but there’s more truth in it than we can possibly comprehend…

On Happiness:

Happiness is a funny thing to define. Eating a bar of chocolate brings happiness. Buying a new toy, gadget, vehicle, or whatever… brings happiness. Watching a sunset or sunrise can bring happiness. There are an endless number of little things that bring happiness. Then they’re gone, and the “happiness” with it. Don’t chase temporary highs and instant gratifications – at least not exclusively. Instead, try to do what’s meaningful. Find meaning and purpose in everything you do and pursue, and you will discover a fulfillment deeper and longer lasting than any fleeting happiness. And to be clear, what is meaningful or fulfilling to you is not always easy, pleasant, or expedient. It can be painful, miserable, difficult, and drawn out, and oftentimes is. It can take many forms, and only you can define what they are. You simply must have the clarity and wherewithal to see it for what it is – which we all do. What we don’t all have is the courage or discipline to pursue it…

Okay, I’m done with my birthday reflections and preaching. Sorry! If only one of you was helped by it or gleaned something from it, then I’m glad I took the time to share some of these thoughts. My goal is simply to foster an interest in these concepts (to whomever is interested)…and hopefully send you down a rabbit hole of research and self-discovery to learn more.

My feet still hurt tremendously today, but I can tell they’re getting better. I’ve continued to rest and keep them elevated (when I’m not going out to eat). Speaking of which, Jetpack was an absolute saint to me today – treating me to this night in the room and all my meals! She wouldn’t take “No” for an answer. She helped make this day feel special when I tried to treat it like any other day.

Tomorrow… we hike!

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  1. Happy belated Birthday Kyle! Obviously I am way behind on your blog. Summer has a way of doing that since I spend much more time outside in Nature. I love your wisdom and you are certainly much wiser than anyone else I know at your age. Or at any age for that matter! Every decade can be your best–just depends on what you do with all those years. I will now get caught up on your blog:)

  2. Hi Kyle, Loved your thoughts and printing them out to tack up on the wall for my students to read.
    And my granddaughter… (who will groan, because I’m always imparting words of wisdom, lol).
    I hope you had a wonderful birthday (albeit, throbbing feet).
    Glad to get back on to reading your blogs. I had gotten off-track over summer.
    Much love, good luck, and happiness to you.
    deb connors


  4. Well said birthday boy! Wish this country would try this philosophy. We’d all be better for it. Need to post this on the frig… can’t change the world but I can start by being reminded of this every day. Thank you. Don’t ever change!

  5. Happy Birthday! Thirties are great but fifties are just as great (except for the creaky body and worsening eyesight). The older you get the freer you become though I think your generation understands whats important at an earlier age. Thanks for sharing your adventures!

  6. Never apologize for your preaching. It takes vulnerability to put these words on page, and we thank you for doing it. This earnestness and truth telling is what we love about you, Kyle. I see a different kind of book in the making, perhaps. We are glad your birthday was special. You are too.

  7. Happy Birthday and yes, it’s true, it will likely be your best decade. I am 64 now but remember well my 30th. I was with a friend crabbing on the Choptank River in Maryland and cracking open beers as the sun came up!

    All the best.


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