Mayor’s 2019 Redemption Hike CDT Day 53 & 54

August 11 – 12

Zero Days

My decision to stay in the privy was reaffirmed around 3:30 am. A horrendous and violent storm ripped through the valley for close to an hour. When it initially began, it was so violent and loud with wind and thunder that I awoke in a startled and disoriented fright, sure that someone or something was trying to break into the privy. When I finally realized what was going on, a fantastic wave of relief washed over me; not because my makeshift cabin wasn’t getting broken into, but because I’d chosen to sleep there in the first place – and now didn’t have to deal with this hurricane. I’d been very close to just cowboy camping. Bullet dodged!

I was out of the privy a little after 6 am and staking out the only exit to the campground. It took an hour and a half before a lovely older couple and their cat (in their massive red live-in van) offered me a ride. This was the first “tiny home” van I’ve ever been picked up in; I sat on their bed in the back for the entire trip into Pinedale.

Their names were Dwight and Marita, and they were high school sweethearts who’d been married for nearly half a century. They were from Pocatello, Idaho; both had careers with the Heinz Company before retiring. Now they spent their time traveling and hiking all over – mostly on the CDT lately. Dwight has section hiked most of the trail, and despite his age, had hiked a 30+ mile day yesterday. They were a very active – very sweet couple and my two hours spent with them in the van was nothing but a pleasure!

They dropped me off in Pinedale a little after 10 am where my second double zero in 10 days commenced. To be honest, I didn’t really need a double zero for rest, but to work on the blog. That’s all I’ve done these past two days is write, edit, go through pictures, upload and schedule posts, etc. As always, it is a great pleasure to draw you into my adventure thru this labor of love.

Other than that, I’ve eaten… A LOT! The hiker hunger has hit me hard! It’s not even the volume of what I can eat in one sitting, but the turnover of my appetite. I can eat until I’m stuffed, then be starving in half an hour. It hasn’t been this bad since the AT, and it’s only going to get worse.

We’re going to head back to trail early tomorrow and begin the Winds. I hope you’re ready for some breathtakingly beautiful photos…

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