Mayor’s 2019 CDT Redemption Hike Day 22

CDT Redemption Hike 2019- Scree Field

Day- 22
Date- July 11, 2019
Location- side of trail
Elevation- 7,208 ft
Distance Traveled Today- 30.2 miles
Distance Traveled Total- 390.6 miles
Weather/Temp- clear, mid 80s
Injuries- none
Pain level- low
Spirits/Morale- frustrated
Wildlife encounters- deer, red fox
Days without shower- 2
Days without laundry- 2
Hunger/craving- shrimp and grits


I was up by 6:20 am and hiking by 6:40 for my earliest start yet. Not a whole lot of good it did me, because I felt like I was dragging the entire day and didn’t get the miles I wanted in the time I wanted them. Not to mention the warped miles lasted another 5ish miles. By almost 11 am, I only had around 7 miles when I should have had better than ten due to my pace. This was a major psychological blow because it messed with the timing for the miles I thought I would be hiking today.

As far as days go, it was gorgeous and warm – the warmest day yet, topping out in the mid 80s. Regardless, the heat had nothing to do with my sluggishness. I really think it’s my food intake.

The morning started fast, but then I just couldn’t get my legs to move fast no matter how much I ate or willed them to do so. They felt gummed up. I’ve sort of felt like this for the entire hike. The first part of the morning will feel great, but the next 3/4 of the day just feel hard fought. With so much daylight it doesn’t really matter, but that will soon change. I can hike the miles with no problem; I just want them to come a little faster so I can take longer breaks.

I think I might try adding sugar back into my diet for the next stretch and see how it feels. I feel weak for giving in, but my body really feels to be in a sluggish funk. If the sugar doesn’t fix it, then it’s something else. I’m just at my wit’s end with this lately.

I got just over 30 miles finished today, but I must admit I was bored to death almost the entire time. I saw no other hikers except for a few who were camping when I passed them in the early evening.

The entire day had me stuck in my head over how I couldn’t get my legs to move faster. The terrain wasn’t even bad – it was in fact very mild.

My most exciting moment came when I broke through a line of trees and into a large sloping meadow full of flowers. A large red fox bounded more than a hundred yards across the meadow from one side to the other before disappearing into the tree line. I fumbled with my camera, but it was too far away to get anything resembling a clear shot.

You already know what I’m going to say… yes, it reminded me of Katana. I miss that little dog so much. It’s unreal how much her constant presence has been ingrained in me. When I get into towns, I instinctively look for the dog friendly motels/hotels. When I’m eating a snack on trail that she’d be allowed to have, I reflexively look for her when I get to my last bite. And sometimes when I’m taking a break, I’ll have a moment of panic when I realize she’s not there – thinking she’s wandered off. Ultimately, it’s very depressing.

I’m camped by myself right now on a wooded ridge-line. It’s a warm night and I can hear cows in the distance. I have a little less than 30 miles to get into Anaconda tomorrow. Legs willing, I’ll get there in the late afternoon. Anaconda is one of my favorite towns, so I’m looking forward to this stop. I’m not putting any restrictions on myself.

** Late night add on**- something really strange is happening. There is a cricket or cicada that is making a constant high frequency noise. However, I can only hear it in my right ear. It’s positively deafening in my right ear, but when I plug it or turn it away…. complete and absolute silence; nothing in my left ear, even if I turn it directly to the noise. This is freaking me out, as this is a problem I didn’t know I had. Now I’m wondering if I need to seek help about this.

**Further add on** – just took turns covering each ear and speaking out loud. Right ear sounds clear and higher pitched. Left ear sounds deeper and further away. Why am I just now noticing this?!? I wonder if it’s related to my sluggishness?? Ughhhh

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  1. Kyle, one of the reasons I love reading what you write is that you are so open and honest about everything. I’ma on the edge of my seat waiting for the next installment!!!!

  2. Ear thing could be an infection or just some crud pressing against your eardrum. Similar thing happened to me from crud/wax


  4. I did the no sugar, low carb thing back in
    March. It has side effects if it’s too low I found out. I couldn’t move my legs to walk. It happened within days of doing this diet. I became very dehydrated without some simple carbs in my diet. I couldn’t think straight. I found out I needed more water and salt intake and electrolytes. It was crazy.
    Love your blog!

  5. Kyle, You need to get your ears checked, it could be the reason why you’re so sluggish.I had the same problem and use a hearing aid in my left ear because I’m nearly deaf I did the same test, cover one ear & listen with the other and that’s how I found out.

    Great pictures, love your blog.

    Love you, Aunt Sandi

  6. I’m sure you’ve figured the war thing out by now, but if not, for me it’s a sign of wax build up. Lol. Sugar is your friend…. of course I’m a bit of a sugar addict. Pearl

  7. I’m sure it’s nothing major, so it’d be a shame to waste time worrying about it and not feeling your best, especially on such a beautiful hike. I hope you get it checked out right away so you can get feeling better and enjoy the rest of the trail. Keep us posted!

  8. Fluid in your inner ear can throw you off. Get that ear checked when you get to town. Love the way you describe this hike! You are missing your best buddy! My heart breaks for you!

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