Mayor’s 2019 CDT Redemption Hike Days 19 & 20

CDT Redemption Hike 2019

Zero Days

So I ended up taking two days off while everyone else only took one. I would have been good with just one, but I had way too much work to do on this blog. The good news is I got everything done, and with the completion and scheduled upload of this post – I’ve now got all my posts up to the present day queued for sharing.

These two zeroes have consisted of sleeping, working, eating, working, sleeping, and more working. I’ve been all over Helena before, so I haven’t really missed out on too much exploring. I wish I had some good stories for you today… but alas, my life takes a pause and has consisted of bringing you this blog.

I plan to hit the trail by late morning tomorrow and do the 75 miles into the town of Anaconda in 2 days. Back in 2017 I hiked a 43 mile day into Anaconda. This year, I want a 50+ mile day into Anaconda to really get my feet ready for the 24 hour challenge. It’s going to hurt, and I’m not promising I’m going to get the 50+…. but I’m going to try like hell. The weather looks agreeable.

The end of tomorrow will be a better indication of how that big day will go. Soooo… stand by.

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