Florida Trail Day 76

Florida Trail- V-22 at the beach

Day 76
March 15, 2019
Zero day

So today was a major curve ball. The Eglin Range where we would have eventually entered today is closed to public access, but will be open tomorrow. If we hiked out today, we would’ve had to do a 15 mile road walk to the next town and rejoin the trail from there. NO MORE UNNECESSARY ROAD WALKS! We decided to lay low and just hit the trail tomorrow.

Just before we were about to re-up the room, we talked to Poet. He had their camper parked about 20 miles south of us in Grayton Beach State Park. They invited us to camp with them and save money on another room – so we did!

After a late afternoon of lying on the beach and enjoying some delicious venison chili (made by Hippie Chick) – we camped out near their camper. I think Poet is just going to join us tomorrow and finish the trail with us. He’s at the beginning of the 70 mile road walk, so it will be nothing for him to come back and knock that out right after.

It’s calling for cooler, rainy weather tomorrow – but we’ll see.

No updates on that ominous cell phone discovery… just yet.

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  1. Sounds absolutely epic. I’m hitting the AT at Springer this weekend hiking to NC border! Your adventure is winding while mine is winding up…

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