Florida Trail Day 75

Florida Trail - Young Pines

Day- 75
Date- March 14, 2019
Location- Defuniak Springs
Elevation- ?
Distance Traveled Today- 10.5 miles
Distance Traveled Total- 987.4 miles
Weather/Temp- partly cloudy, high 70s
Injuries- none
Pain level- zero
Spirits/Morale- anxious
Wildlife encounters- loose dogs
Days without shower- 0
Days without laundry- 0
Hunger/craving- zero
CatFox Status- relaxful


We were hiking by 8 am, and after about 4 miles of trail we were back on a road. If we didn’t need the resupply in Defuniak Springs, we would have crossed right onto Eglin Air Force Base and stayed on trail for another 45 miles.

It was an uneventful day, aside from 3 loose dogs charging us – one of which I ended up yelling at.

The highlight was undoubtedly coming across a Whataburger on the edge of town. Sadly, it wasn’t breakfast time, so I couldn’t get the Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit I was craving. I had to settle for a Honey BBQ Chicken Strip sandwich.

It was nearly 80 degrees during the road walk and the allure of so many hotels was too much. We caved and got a room. I dumped an entire gas station sized bottle of detergent and fabric softener into our load of laundry and ran it on two heavy duty cycles before putting them in the dryer. I’ve never felt so fresh and clean on this trail before.

Well, I guess one other thing did happened today worth noting… Schweppes found a cell phone on the side of the road in the grass. It was in good condition and it turned on when we plugged it in. The screen was locked, so we couldn’t get into it in order to contact someone who knew the owner. So, we took the phone apart in hopes that maybe I could put the SIM card in mine and find a name or something (it was an android like mine; Schweppes has an Iphone). I’m not really tech savvy, so I wasn’t sure if that would even work. But when we took the phone apart, there was a 64gb SD card. Those don’t come standard, so we decided to look for clues of the owner on that. I put the SD card in my phone, and the good news is… we found enough clues/information on it to find the person on Facebook. The bad news… I’m going to be giving this phone to the police, and they can get it back to the individual, or the individual can get it back from them.

I doubt I’ll write anymore about this particular story in a future book without some second opinions. I don’t know how the phone ended up on the side of the highway, and I’m not sure if we’ll ever know.  However, if I end up with the answers eventually – I’ll let you know what I find out.

Sorry to leave you hanging with such a cryptic and incomplete story. The strangest things always seem to happen to us, and I’m just not sure if the content is appropriate for me to write about without more info. We’ll see how and if this unravels…

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  1. Sounds like there may have been something naughty on that phone! You seem to like to keep us all in suspense a lot on this trail, Kyle… I like it! LOL! Hi to Schweppes and pats to Katana!

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