Florida Trail Day 72

Florida Trail- trail way road wak

Day- 72
Date- March 11, 2019
Location- Side of highway
Elevation- 95 ft
Distance Traveled Today- 21.3 miles
Distance Traveled Total- 939.2 miles
Weather/Temp- overcast, rain, humid, low 80s
Injuries- sore feet
Pain level- low
Spirits/Morale- determined
Wildlife encounters- brown water snake
Days without shower- 3
Days without laundry- 11
Hunger/craving- none
CatFox Status- ready to walk


It was after 1 am before sleep finally took me last night. I never even draped my quilt over my body-just laid on top of it all night until I woke up.

A thick fog was in the air – thick enough to feel like rain when walking through it. Thick enough that it soaked the trees and dripped water on me all night, prompting me to zip up my weather shield around midnight.

Today was probably the hardest day of the road walk so far. There was just nothing on it besides one gas station… over 15 miles into it.

Although it was dense fog and overcast until almost noon – the humidity was palpable, and the temperature was still in the high 70s. When the fog and clouds eventually burned off, the world turned into a sauna as we felt like a pot full of steamed crabs. It truly was just miserable all around. I don’t know how else to convey it to you at the moment. Just imagine being stuck in a steam room while vehicles speed 3 feet away from you at 65 mph and somebody is smacking the bottoms of your feet with a slab of asphalt for 10 hours – and there’s no way to escape any of it. You just have to grit it out until you can get somewhere to find reprieve.

Our first push of the morning was a little less than 6 miles. Our second push of the morning was a little over 9 miles. This landed us at a Chevron gas station where we laid around in the back, napped, ate, and hydrated for 2.5 hours.

It was late afternoon when we hiked out. We knocked down a little over 6 more miles before I got a weather alert. Speeding up, we did another half mile before finding a break in the trees next to the highway that we could exploit.

Alas, a heavy rain hit us just as I began setting up my rain fly. I didn’t get soaked, but I did get very damp.

As I write this, it’s 8:30 pm and still 70 degrees with 100% humidity. Now this may sound mild to you, but when you throw in the factors of still air, plus being cooped up in a shelter that you’re heating with your own body heat… it feels much, much hotter… cause it is. Also throw in the fact that my rain fly provides an unreal amount of extra insulation and you’ve got conditions that feel like an equatorial jungle. I’m just sitting here in a puddle of my own sweat. It’s impossible to get comfortable without completely detaching your mind from the present situation. Just don’t think about how much it sucks – snuggle down into that sticky sweat puddle and zone out.

The only bright side about today is that we only have about 7-ish miles left of the road before we’re back on trail. I’ve had just about as much road walking as I can take…

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  1. That just sounds absolutely miserable. It is a bitter sweet I am sure. You both live for this but dang does it suck sometimes

  2. Love everything about your posts. You are an amazing person. Please be very very careful with the road hiking. Safe travels. Stay cool. Stay dry.

  3. You’re almost there!!! Ah! I could never do what you guys do, and I’m grateful to be able to read and feel your pains, misery, and joyful times. πŸš‚πŸš‚πŸš‚πŸš‚πŸš‚

  4. Sounds miserable.. you still use your pads when it’s that warm? Seems like a hammock would be fairly cool..

  5. I’m feeling your pain. You’re so close to the end of the trail! I actually pulled you up on Google Maps this morning after reading yesterday’s post, and saw how close you are to finishing. If you hadn’t swung back to pick up Schweppes, you’d be within a day of… Ah, but that’s the thing. It wouldn’t have been the same hike without him. It’s been another epic journey, Mayor. Thanks for sharing.

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