Florida Trail Day 61 & 62

Florida Trail - Trail Friends

February 28 – March 5, 2019

Double Zero

We caught a ride up to Tallahassee and decided to double zero and meet up with a couple friends I have here. It’s been storming almost non stop, so we don’t feel bad about the time off.

There’s not much to tell about it, so I’m going to use this post to share my gear list for this trail! Feel free to ask any questions and I will get back to you!

**Sorry about the duplicate post yesterday. I’m currently going through a very, very rough section of trail (that the blog hasn’t caught up to), and cell service has been very spotty. I tried to schedule yesterday’s post while I had limited service in one spot, and in my haste reposted the same day.**

Should be getting into a town today and getting more posts cued up!

– Pack
* Custom 50L Pack (made by a friend to my specifications)

– Shelter
* Clark Tropical Ultra Hammock
* Clark Large Rain Fly
* Custom Muletape Suspension
* Mini Groundhog Stakes x 6

– Sleeping
* Enlightened Equipment 30* Quilt
* Thermarest Z-Lite Pad

– Footwear
* Altra Lonepeak 3.5
* Injinji Toe Socks (just in case)

– Warm Weather Clothing
* American Flag Running Shorts
* Outdoor Research Astroman Shirt
* Ex-Officio 9″ Underwear
* Bug Head Net

– Cold Weather Clothing
* Marmot Thermoflare Fleece Top
* Marmot Base Layer Harrier Hoodie
* Possum Down Gloves
* Possum Down Socks
* Merino Balaclava/Beanie

– Wind/Rain Gear
* Anti Gravity Gear Rain Jacket
* Anti Gravity Gear Rain Pants
* MLD Rain Mitts
* Montbell SunBrella

– Cooking
* MSR MicroRocket Gas Stove
* Toaks 500ml Mugpot
* Toaks Titanium Spoon

– Water Storage/Purification
* Smart Water Bottle 1L x 2
* Platypus Water Bladder 2L x 1
* Sawyer Water Filter

– Electronics
* Cell Phone
* Wall Charger and USB-C Cord
* Extra USB Cord
* Thumb Drive
* USB-C Adapter for Thumb Drive
* Anker Charger 20,100 Mhz
* Firefly Headlamp/LR Photon Light
* Cr-32 Batteries

– Hygiene/Medical
* Baby Powder
* Sawed Off Toothbrush
* Tooth Powder
* Gorilla Tape
* Super Glue
* Tweezers
* Nail Clippers
* Toilet Paper

– Miscellaneous
* Cold Steel Canadian Belt Knife
* Bic Lighter x 2
* 100% Deet
* Fanny Pack
* Wallet etc.
* Sunglasses – Offbrand Polarized

– Dog Gear
* Trifexis flea and tick prevention
* Ruffwear Harness
* Custom Paracord Leash
* Ruffwear Travel Food Bowl
* Collapsible Water Bowl
* “Can-do” Attitude

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  1. Speaking as someone who just had to scramble to find a USB-C cord in a small Arkansas town – very smart idea to bring a spare with you.


  2. Kyle,
    Love reading your posts!! Been a fan since your AT days.
    Thanks for sharing your gear. Always wondered how you pack light and what you’ve found most important.
    Quick question: what about navigating? Do you use satellite, map, or just common sense directional skills?
    The Florida trail appears awfully sketchy in parts.

  3. Perfect timing Mayor! I leave for AZT tomorrow and was wondering if I forgot anything! I’m going to unsubscribe temporarily so I keep my battery and don’t get flooded with emails when I turn it on. Much love to you and Queen Katana and the Other Redhead Scweppes💕

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