Florida Trail Day 9

Florida Trail - Where it began, again.

Day- 9
Date- January 7, 2019
Location- Oak Hill Camp
Elevation- 10 ft
Distance Traveled Today- 22.7 miles
Distance Traveled Total- 22.7 miles
Weather/Temp- 70s 80s & sunny
Injuries- none
Pain level- none
Spirits/Morale- High and tired
Wildlife encounters- none
Days without shower- 1
Days without laundry- 1
Hunger/craving- none
CatFox Status- NA


We crushed it today and did more miles than I did on my original first two days. It was a little bit cooler. A little bit more breezy. A little less humidity. And a lot less weight on my back. We cruised.

I won’t bend your ear with descriptions I’ve already given, but i’ll give you a brief overview of the day.

We were hiking by 7:45 and didn’t stop until we were already 7 miles in. Then we knocked out a little over 4 miles before another short break. Then 5.6 miles before the next one. And then 5.8 before we reached the water and camping we wanted.

I didn’t eat a single thing today, and I feel great. I made it the 22+ miles on 3 liters of water, then drank my last liter when we got here. I feel great.

Having already done this section made it easy finding all the routes and knowing the best break spots to shoot for. I couldn’t believe how much difference the slightly lower temperature and humidity made. It was a night and day difference from last week.

Although it was cooler, the trail had only become dryer. My swamp buggy tracks which had saved my skin last week were dry. It wasn’t until another mile and a half that we found good enough water to drink. Even a good portion of the mud which had been sucking my feet in before had dried and packed down considerably – making travel just that much faster.

We passed one other thru hiker who’d started the day before, and caught three more hikers who’d started yesterday at the dry spot we finished up at tonight.

It was a hell of a long day, but I feel good and I feel strong. We got into camp with about 15 mins of daylight to spare and conversed with the other hikers for about an hour.

Schweppes did great on his first day, but the heat got to him a bit towards the end of the afternoon. It’s good to have him out here and I’m glad I could start over with him. The company and the conversation can’t be beat, and we really push each other to stay consistent.

Tomorrow we’ll knock out the 8 miles to the interstate and then some – then scoop up Katana the next day and be on to new pastures.

I’m really looking forward to crossing Alligator Alley in the afternoon and possibly seeing some gators on the trail. But mostly, I’m looking forward to getting my little snuggle bear back.

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