Florida Trail Day 10

Florida Trail - GATOR!!!

Day- 10
Date- January 8, 2019
Location- Nobles Camp
Elevation- 13 ft
Distance Traveled Today- 13 miles
Distance Traveled Total- 35.7 miles
Weather/Temp- low 80s/ sunny
Injuries- none
Pain level- none
Spirits/Morale- fine just fine
Wildlife encounters- lots of gators
Days without shower- 2
Days without laundry- 2
Hunger/craving- Indian Tacos
CatFox Status- In waiting


We sluiced through the mud like a couple of sharks today. We only had seven and a half miles to the rest stop and we hammered them out by 11:30 am.

I was blown away by how much the trail had changed just since a week before. With high temps and no rain, the water and moisture levels on the ground were probably 50% less than what they were. Where there had been lots of water, there was now only a little. Where there had been muddy water, there was now axle grease mud. And, where there had been axle grease mud, it was now dry and packed enough to walk across at a brisk pace.

Seeing as how last week this section of trail had been mostly axle grease, it was now a good bit easier to traverse. It was still monotonous, but without Katana on my shoulders I could really build up some speed on what I can only describe as a controlled stumble.

Two guys we camped with left before us and we overtook them within an hour. As it would happen, all three of those guys would end up getting to the interstate a few hours after us. The heat really gave them hell, and even Schweppes was a little sick about halfway to the road. Compared to last week, I felt like I was catching the biggest break of my life. Challenges really are relative, and if you practice and train in the worst possible conditions… then the real thing never seems so bad… usually – that is if you consider my first trek through this section a “practice run.”

We laid up at the rest stop for 4 hours beating the worst of the heat. I cooked up a pound of beef sausages for lunch, and that was my first meal since before restarting the trail. To be honest, I could have gone another day or two without eating and still had excellent energy levels.

For a month and a half before starting this trail I was experimenting more with the carnivore diet, intermittent fasting, and OMAD (One Meal A Day). I’ve never felt better, sharper, more focused, or had steadier energy throughout the day than when I eat like this. I decided for the FT I would stay about 80% to 90% carnivore, and only eat complex carbs when I did splurge (on things like Indian tacos). So far, even with the minimal complex carbs, I’ve managed to avoid the craving for three meals per day and intermittent snacks. I’m going to see how far I can comfortably get on this trail eating mostly carnivore, but also fasting for one or two days at a time. I’ll keep you all posted on my progress/status. In fact, I’m going to add a new bullet to the top of every post that covers my daily food intake.

Schweppes and I hiked out at 4pm with plans to only go another 5 miles or so. As luck would have it, the Alligators were out in force next to the trail! We saw more than a half dozen gators in the 6 to 8 ft range sitting on the far bank of the thin slough paralleling the trail. I hope you enjoy the gator gallery!

We wrapped things up around dark, and I’ve got tacos on the brain. I’ve also got Katana on the brain. She’ll be back in my arms tomorrow afternoon!

When I crunched the numbers this evening, I found that we did the 30 miles through the swamp in less than 29 hours. We hiked so quickly through that section, that we averaged over 1mph even factoring in the time we slept at night. Not too shabby!

Only 12 more miles until we reach the spot where I left off. I think we’re planning on camping there anyways…

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  1. Fascinating info about your diet experience. I have never heard of OMAD but it makes sense if you can do it. I seem to be hungry every 2 hours! I love the gator gallery.. they seem so mellow but I sure wouldn’t go in any water where they hang out.

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