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Hello all!

It’s been a looong time since my last blog post, so this is well overdue. Actually, a lot of things are well overdue…

Firstly, the PCT book I’ve been working on since early 2017 is FINALLY done! “Racing Winter on the Pacific Crest Trail” is now available on Amazon for those of you who have been waiting!

Clicking on the image below will take you to the book’s Amazon page. This link only goes to the paperback version, but you can search the title of the book on Amazon and it will bring up both kindle and paperback versions. They should both merge onto the same product page in a few days, but for now they are separate. Just so you know, the paperback version has no pictures, while the kindle version has more than 60 pictures!

I have to admit, publishing this book feels a lot different than when I published “Lost on the Appalachian Trail.” When I published LOAT, I had zero expectations for it, and neither did anybody else. It just sort of… caught on.

This time around, people have been anxiously waiting for the lightning to hopefully strike twice. Racing Winter was a much harder book to write than Lost on the AT, but I am very pleased with the final product, and I hope you are too. I tell ya, the anxiety of putting a piece of work out that people have been anticipating – is enough to make me feel like puking. Major butterflies!

Any who, it’s done, it’s out there, and it’s ready to take you right along for another epic adventure. I hope you enjoy it!

This year has been a real crap shoot for me when it comes to adventures. First, I was supposed to hike the CDT northbound in the spring with my girlfriend Jessica (Dixie aka Homemade Wanderlust), but that fell through when Katana’s eye situation deteriorated (literally). Then, I was supposed to hike the CDT southbound in June either by myself or with Katana. That fell through as well, mostly because I was making excellent headway on the book and didn’t want to abandon it when it was so close to being done (but also because I didn’t feel Katana was completely ready, and I didn’t have anyone to watch her in my stead). THEN, I had some tentative plans to canoe the entire Mississippi with Katana and my buddy Coma (from LOTAT), but those fell through as well, for a myriad of reasons.

So it was looking like I wasn’t going to do anything crazy this year, but my fortunes turned around a little over a week ago. Long story short, I was able to make plans with family and friends to watch Katana for the next two months or so. Originally, I wasn’t going to have anyone to watch her, but my parent’s summer plans changed last minute, making them available and more than happy to watch their grand-dog for an extended period.

Their newfound availability coupled with the last minute finishing of the PCT book left me with a perfect window of time to do something… but what?

Well, I flew out to Wyoming the other day and met Jessica in the town of Lander. Now I’m going to hike the rest of the way north on the CDT to Canada with her (little over 1,000 miles), in however much time it takes. Hopefully less than two months, or we are going to be freezing our butts off like I did last year…

Katana is doing well, but it saddens me to report that she’s totally blind now. It’s been a major adjustment, but I’ve maintained a positive outlook. The biggest differences in our lives are ironically the littlest things. Mostly, the blindness has put a major dent in how quickly she gets around and does things. She’s very deliberate with everything she does, as well as extra cautious and a little more jumpy to sudden or loud noises. It was a tough transition, but it has become our new normal, and we embrace it. I’ll eventually have more to say about it once we embark on our first “blind” adventure.

Although this is not a thru hike for me right now, I am going to keep up a journal and blog. Not my usual day by day, but several days summarized in each post. I really can’t tell you how excited I am to be on the CDT again, especially with Jessica. This trail enchanted me last year, and in a sense it feels like I’ve come home. Also, I’ll be doing the CDT again in its entirety next year with Schweppes, as well as some other trails (mayyyybeee with Katana too. We’ll see!)

I think that covers most everything! Anything else will be shared in upcoming blogs. I apologize for the long gap between posts; I was laboring over the new book night and day (a labor of love). But now that it’s done, I’m looking forward to sharing more adventures, more information, and more inspiration with all of you – much more frequently!

I’ll see you all on the other side, and as always, thank you for the continued love and support! Safe steps and happy trails!

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  1. I just finished the new book! Loved it! The next time I make pancakes, I’m using bacon grease. Can’t believe I’ve never thought of it before. Curious if you use an under quilt with your hammock in the colder weather? I know it would add more weight to your pack, but would be warm.

    1. Thank you Terri! I’m so glad you liked it! Please feel free to let Amazon know how you feel 😉

      I do not use an under quilt. For my last 2 thru hikes I have used the thermarest z-lite, which is a closed cell pad. I actually cut it in two pieces. I cut one piece a little wider than my shoulders and lay it horizontal at the top end of my hammock. The other piece gets laid long ways for the rest of my torso and hips. If it’s really cold and I’m worried about my legs, then I lay my pack underneath them.

      I’ve used this method into well below freezing temperatures- snow, rain, etc. And I’m still alive, and I’ve never had a night so bad that I couldn’t sleep at all or got scared for my safety.

      I hope that helps!

  2. Really looking forward to reading of your PCT hike Kyle. It don’t doubt that it will a great read, as was LOAT which I loved. I really enjoy your blogs, you are an inspiration! Sorry to hear about Katana’s eyesight, please give her an extra special hug from a follower in Wales, UK. Enjoy your current hike.

  3. Glad to hear your back! And in my neck of the woods….makes it extra special for me to read your blogs!

  4. Perfect timing! I need a new book to read. Thanks for the updates, I was wondering about sweet Katana and if you would get a chance to hike the CDT at all. Happy safe trails!

  5. Hey Kyle great to see you’re back out there. Sorry to hear about Katana. As the previous owner of a dog that went blind, I can tell you these guys adapt better than you think. When I look back on it, it bothered me more than it did the dog. He still enjoyed camping and swimming. I am headed for Amazon right now to download the new book. Enjoyed your hike!

  6. I’ll echo everyone else,I am thrilled that your book is now done and out there! I am thrilled that you are back on the trail and we will now get updates. Your adventures are the best! I am sorry that Katana is blind,but she has you so she is well loved and cared for. That’s the most important thing of all. Good luck out there,Kyle. I will get your book and look forward to reading it!

  7. I will be buying the book asap! I am SO glad you are going to be able to hike with Dixie- and am also glad that Katana is OK. All good things in good time. Thanks for the update and happy trails!

  8. Glad to hear that you are sharing again with the public. Not a critic but just puting loud my feelings: I don´t like the picture attached to this post. It sadens me a lot. Sorry.

    1. If that’s the one you’re talking about, then you’ll be very relieved to know that those are elk antlers “sheds.” This is at an airport in the middle of Grand Teton National Park. The elk are protected within the park. Those are just the collected antlers from the park that elk shed on a yearly basis. No elk had to die for those sheds.

      1. Thank you for the clarification Kyle. Excuse my ignorance. I was thinking about a “traditional” mass elk killing or something like that. Relieved ;-D

  9. I can’t wait to read your new book! I’ve never been much of a reader but once I started Lost on The Appalachian trail I couldn’t put it down. Good luck on your new adventures and I’ve been itching to get out myself but until I do I’ll live vicariously through all your blog posts.

  10. Hi Kyle! Just downloaded your new book to my Kindle. Can’t wait to read it. Glad everything is going well. So sorry about Katana, but if she can find a new found life with her blindness, I’m so happy for her. Best wishes.

  11. I was just wondering about you and Katana the other day. Sorry she lost her other eye, but she’ll be just fine. I mean after all, she thru hiked the AT, and liked it. Glad to hear all is ok otherwise with both of you.

  12. I’m glad to hear you’re back on the trail. Just clicked “Buy Now” and will have the PCT book by Saturday. Bon voyage! Happy hiking! Get walking…

  13. Next step Amazon to download the kindle version. I’ve been patiently waiting for it. I’m sorry to hear about Katana, positive thoughts for her new adventures in life.

  14. Yeaaaa…just downloaded your new book kindle edition. So excited can’t wait to read it…Sorry to hear about Katana she is a special dog. I have been following Dixie on the CDT now maybe I’ll see both of you. Enjoy your hike.

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