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Hawaii Trip

I can’t remember if I wrote about or announced mine and Jessica’s upcoming Hawaii trip here on the blog or not. I know I announced it on Facebook, but all of these platforms tend to blur together for me. Anyways, if I haven’t written about it yet, then let this be the official announcement!

So for Jessica’s Christmas present, I bought us one way tickets to Hawaii. The whole catch of this trip is to promote spontaneity, resourcefulness, and adaptability within ourselves (while also having a great time on vacation). I have not secured any prior accommodations, itineraries, or plans for this trip. The plan is to quite literally show up, and make the best of it, without breaking the bank or having a terrible time. The basic gist is to see and experience as much as possible, for as cheaply as possible, while not breaking as many “camping” or “vagrancy” laws as we can. Not getting stabbed or murdered by enraged locals or homeless is also part of that plan.

I have researched all of the camping and hiking permits/requirements for the islands; because camping and hiking will be our preferred method of “stay.” No car rentals, no resorts, no hotels. Hostels and cheap motels are not off the table whenever we may find/need one. And we are trying to restrict travel to foot, bicycle, Uber, and hitchhiking.

We haven’t really put a timeline on this trip, but we are shooting for no less than two weeks, but hopefully a month. I am very excited and curious to attempt a travel “vacation” such as this, and look very forward to sharing it with you all. Most people never get the opportunity to take trips like this without saving up a small fortune first, or going for a very short amount of time. I hope I can learn the “Ins and Outs” to the art of pulling this trip off as economically and as “fun” as possible; then sharing the experience and information with you all.

I already have an endless list of places to go, things to see, and trails to hike. No doubt some of you will share more in the comments of this post (and it’s welcome!). But what I am very interested to hear about or learn; is insider tips/information. If any of you have experience with this sort of travel in Hawaii and know some great loop holes or stealth spots to check out/exploit during our travels, it is greatly appreciated. We intend to do mostly permit camping, but any knowledge about notable or exceptional areas that are off the beaten path and somewhat stealthy would be wonderful! Any great hostel or cheap motel recommendations are also welcome.

As always, thank you all for your continued support and interest. We leave this Monday, and I can’t wait to share the details of this latest adventure with you all!

P.S. Katana will not be going due to the one month quarantine policy for pets in Hawaii. She will be staying with her grandparents and cat sister in Florida.


  1. What an adventure to look forward too!!! Have a friend that lives there, he and his wife are fellow hikers/campers. Will be happy to reach out to them for you for local tips, etc
    Can’t wait to read about this adventure!

  2. I have only climbed Koko crater on Oahu and it was a great way to get my legs warmed up for the Napali Coast trail on Kauai. Here are some other Oahu hikes that looks beautiful. Sorry no camping advise to give, we stayed in VRBOs.//www.journeyera.com/10-best-hikes-on-oahu/

  3. Stay out of Honolulu…traffic is unbearable! North shore is our favorite area…be careful in the homeless areas…better yet stop in Kauai where we will be in Kapaa & Hanalei by Next Saturday. We can show you the whole island! I’ll be watching for your blog! You’ll never want to leave camping on the ocean!

      1. If you do Facebook join the Blind Dogs – Owners and Supporters. Great info and tips. Have a great trip you two! Look forward to reading about it.

  4. Can’t wait to see your blog about the islands. I’ve been there a dozen times but didn’t camp so it will be fun to read about your trip. Have a safe trip. Aloha

  5. Will look forward to reading about another of your adventures. So sorry will not be going but let us know how she is from time to time. Our 8 yr old Shiba Inu is a happy dog even she lost both eyes to glaucoma within the past two years. Tally Ho !

    1. Did you have to do any special training or take special precautions after she went blind? I don’t think katana will be able to keep her remaining eye for much more than another year at the rate she’s going

      1. KEEP HAVING HER EYE PRESSURE CHECKED so she will not be in pain!!!!! After 2nd eye loss I read books about living with blind dogs. Became more verbal with her. Taught her new words, i.e., Be Careful, Look, It’s OK, etc. After I yr of total blindness she is a very happy girl. Goes for walks and loves finding her way. Miss Bossy! 😼

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