A little survey…

I’ve been typing away like a mad man lately, as you’ve probably noticed from the regular email notifications you’ve been receiving. I’m trying very hard to build up useful/entertaining content on the website before “CDT hike round two” begins and the blog becomes restricted to my daily journals and pictures once again. 
Anyways, I’m writing this to take a poll on what you’d like the next article to be. I have a ton of subjects written down, and I try to choose one at random every night, then begin to write about. 

I’m getting the hankering to write a more detailed article, so I’m going to list four subjects, and I’d like for you to “comment” the subject you’d most like to see written about next.  

-A crash course on ultralight hiking – as well as my personal take on it. 

-A basic guide to choosing the correct camp spot when it comes to topography, water availability, and weather. 

-A crash course to thru hiking with a dog on all three trails, plus the major “no dog zones” on all three of the Triple Crown Trails

-The Art to Cowboy camping (sleeping on the ground with no shelter)
That’s the four subjects! No matter which one gets voted in as the next article, I will eventually write something about all of these. 

Please feel free to also mention any subjects you are particularly curious about, and I’ll add them to my list if I don’t have it already! Requests for write ups on types of gear are also welcome! 

I’ll count up the comments in 24 to 36 hours and begin writing the most voted subject. 

I’d like to thank you all in advance for your contributions, participations, and continued support! 



  1. What ever you do, just keep writing as it is all so helpful to me preparing to Thru hike AT. I personally like to read your thoughts on your first two topics. I am having hard time getting weight down and your gear topics have helped to some degree. What is ultralight to a seasoned 30 year old is not to a retiree challenged to maintain temperatures at time. Love all you have provided so keep it up.

    One other thought topic is discussion about the AT and cell coverage for receiving your CDT emails/posts when you pick back up. How often can you expect to pick up reception or place to charge up.

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  2. I’d like to hear about thru hiking with a dog. It’s fasinating to know what all is involved with taking a dog on such a long trek, and especially when you go off trail to find lodging and restaurants. On trail, what’s good for them to eat? There are so many questions. Thanks Kyle

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  3. Hiking with a dog is my first choice. I’d love to take my dog eventually, but worried about his desire to talk and alert me at any possible problem (though while walking he’s super good and quiet). Also how to feed him on the trail, making sure he would have enough calories, how you sleep with yours (my boyfriend is saying him or the dog in the tent in attempt to keep the dirt out, because that happens with just people). Things I wouldn’t think of that the dog would need while out there. What to do when “no dogs allowed” come up. My second choice would be ultralight, my boyfriend’s travel of choice, so I can learn more about his style (I’m really new to backpacking in general). Thank you for all the tips and stories!

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  4. Ultralight as it pertains to a thru hike. Sub 10 is easy on a 1-2 nighter in moderate conditions. I’m attempting the AT next year and found that my “need” to achieve that all important 10 lb base weight was getting rediculous. It was causing me to question items and articles of clothing that could keep me from being uncomfortable at best and unsafe at worst. So an article on sensibly light vs ultralight vs stupid light for a thru hike could be interesting and hike/life saving

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  5. My top two would be 1) choosing the best campsite 2)crash course on ultralight camping… I would also enjoy reading tips on how to avoid or prevent unpleasant animal/bug encounters. My 10yo and I Love reading your updates together we still make jokes about holler once for one deer, twice for two deer and three times for a bear😂😂

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  6. I’m most interested in reading about hiking with dogs. I am planning a 2 week section hike in the Vermont section of the AT this summer with my dog, and would appreciate any info you have to offer.
    Something I’m interested in hearing more about from you is DIY/cheaper gear. I think specialized hiking gear is very useful, but can be overpriced and overvalued. I know people who don’t wear specialized clothing for instance, and they do fine. I get that certain situations really do call for special gear, for instance in the rain or severe cold. But I know there are many companies that want us to believe we NEED there special backpacks, shoes, clothes, watches, headlamps, underwear on and on, in order to hike properly. So anything you have to say about making your own gear, or using “regular” gear that works just as well as something you’d get at REI.

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    1. I’m glad you mentioned that Tori! To compliment my budget thru hiking article, I’ve been putting together a “poor man’s gear list” in the exact spirit you mentioned! I should have it totally done in the next week and a half or so!


  7. Ultra light would be first on my list. The trade off between necessities and comfort while seeking a minimum base weight is always a struggle. I’d be interested in your take.

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