HAPPY HOLIDAYS! (and some thoughts)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving this past week and found many things to be thankful for! The historical irony of this holiday is not lost on me however, so the realist and cynic in me knows there is no way all of you had the Thanksgiving to “end all Thanksgivings’” this year. Some of you may very well have had a terrible time, or may still be having a terrible time (for whatever reason). Since I would be remiss to only acknowledge those of you whose holidays have unfolded merrily, I would also like to address those of you who may feel as if the world has been working against you as of late. I say unto you individuals… “This too shall pass.” The ebb and flow of our good fortune and the balance of positive experiences to negative experiences is just that; an ebb and flow. We are all riding our own waves of checks and balances, and we all have more control over how long we ride each of these waves than we give ourselves credit for. Dwell on what you do not have and you will attract even less. When between crests of these waves, find the silver lining and focus on what you do have; then prepare to be amazed at what other small graces you begin to notice trickling into your life, many of which were there all along…

If you look back through your life you may or may not notice it has been full of highs and lows of varying degrees. The causes and effects, pushes and pulls, doors opening and closing, as well as seemingly random happenstance. Any high or any low has always been followed by its opposite. With the good comes the bad and vice versa. This is precisely how the universe works; a literal balance of opposites. Everything in life and nature works this way – the seasons, light and dark, life and death, hot and cold, young and old, hungry and full, love and indifference, give and take, cause and effect. There is a never ending struggle for balance; always has been, always will be. The question is… how do you keep the scales tipped in the direction of what you consider favorable, for as long as possible? The answer is “knowing”; simply knowing, acknowledging, focusing, and being aware of this universal scheme of checks and balances. Knowing that when one door closes, it simply means another is about to open with even better and greater opportunities. You attract what you put out, but even more so than this… you attract what you feel. Feeling is everything, and the more strongly and honestly you feel, the faster you will attract that which you focus your feelings on – be it negative or positive – consciously or unconsciously. Knowing this law of attraction and how it works is the key to weathering and gaining control of this ebb and flow to life. Know and feel the experiences you want, instead of dwelling on the lack thereof. When things feel at their worst, it is only because something good is coming your way; acknowledge and take solace in this fact. Say “Yes” to experience and choose to continue opening doors that present themselves. Go somewhere you wouldn’t normally go. Talk to someone you wouldn’t normally talk to.  Go out on a day or night you would normally stay in. Accept an invitation to something you don’t particularly care for and go anyways. When you open a door to a new experience (welcome or unwelcome, positive or negative), more doors appear by default. Keep going through them and opening the new ones that appear beyond those (because appear they shall!). When you choose not to open a door, you close yourself off; stuck having to wait for someone else to open another door for you. Keep opening them on your own, as well as the ones otherpeople open, go deeper down the rabbit hole and see what incredible opportunities continuously present themselves. Brush off the negative and realize it’s nothing more than a precursor to something fantastic. Every dark cloud has its silver lining… find it.

Some of this may sound cliché, bordering on supernatural spiritual silliness. If that is how this rings to you, then you have never truly put any of it into practice and therefore are already closing yourself off (as you may do to a great many other things in your life that you may or may not be aware of). You are saying “No,” when you should be saying “Yes!” Focus on and feel the things you have, as well as the things you want; not on what you don’t have and what you don’t want. You WILL receive that which you put the most honest energy, focus, and priority into. I guarantee it.

I apologize for this little soap box spiel that may have come across as somewhat “preachy.” If it did, it was not my intent. I’m only trying to share a way of thinking and perceiving that completely changed my own life. Unfortunately it’s a tough concept to explain and put into words (at least for me). Not long ago I adopted this very train of thought, and ever since then… Every. Single. Thing. in my life has been going my way; even when it seemed or felt like it wasn’t. Every seemingly negative occurrence was nothing more than a catalyst to something better. The less I focused on the actual negative, instead choosing to focus on the possible positive implications of said negative occurrence – the faster and greater the turnover of the ebb to the flow. Keep flowing my friends; and only flow in positive directions with positive thoughts accompanied by even stronger positive feelings. You’ll be very surprised to see where it takes you, and how quickly.

In the next couple of days I’ll share a story with you of a series of events that led to a life changing realization of how I interpret and interact with the world around me these days. I’ve never shared it before, but it will put into perspective what I’ve attempted to explain here.

I truly hope your holidays have been and continue to be wonderful. If they haven’t… I know things will be turning around real soon.


  1. Not preachy at all,just very wise and spiritual. I really appreciate your thoughts and take all your advice to heart.

  2. Perhaps we’re all just a joke, another cosmic miscue. Yet I can only add, if there’s any point to life it must be to learn and grow! Each in our own so special way. Reason in the service of compassion will magically transform each day into a pearl in the wonderful necklace of our lives. There’s no experience that doesn’t offer us something we may have missed, or perhaps needed clarification. A dear, wise relative once remarked that “The destination is the journey.” Indeed! Until breath’s last step forward.
    So, well said dear relative. Love, always OPA

  3. Truer words never spoken! I often find myself dwelling in the negative until someone like you reminds me how perspective is everything. Thanks for the great article. You are wise beyond your years 🙂

  4. I enjoyed reading this and really needed this reminder. I have been feeling sorry for myself lately because my recovery from surgery is taking a long time (torn ACL and surgery on my ankle to remove dead bone) all on one side. I can on waddle in a surgical boot but can’t be active and do the things I love. I realize my dilemma is only temporary and I will get through it. Thank you for your elequote way of putting things in perspective. It matters.

    1. It happens to all of us Vicki. I lose sight of it too and have to step back and remind myself. I tend to re read a lot of books and write ups just to refresh my memory.

      Thank you for enjoying it!

  5. Yes indeed, there is a silver lining in every cloud. It can be found by choosing the more positive perspective… and then it will magically appear! We can find perfect examples of this mindset exemplified in the lives of people like Helen Keller, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Dr. M.L. King – to name a few. Thank you for giving us “relevant food for thought” Mayor Kyle. Te amo.

  6. I agree with this way thinking .even when times are tough snd it feels like the world is against you . Im still thankful cause i know others have it so much worse .

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