Cyber Monday!!! (plus other updates)

I know every time I make one of these blog posts, an email notification gets sent to all of you who are signed up and “following” the blog/website. How much of the website most of you actually see or even look at, I’m not sure. Any who, I thought I’d take this opportunity to let you all know about some “revamping” I’ve done to the website as a whole. I’ve added a lot of new categories for potential and upcoming content; as well as enhanced some of the original categories. For those who may have a special interest in the “Gear” aspect of the sort of long distance hiking I do… I’ve put a great deal of detail and info into the pages containing  My Gear ListYour Gear List , as well as What to Get

On top of the new content I’ve added to the above pages, I have also added/updated some ways you can help to indirectly support my work. There is a lot more info on the page “Support the Cause,”  but I’ll go into one of those ways right here, right now. Cyber Monday is upon us, and if any of you are planning to do any major (or minor) shopping, then I have a suggestion for how you can do it while helping me out in the process ( if you want).

If you plan on doing some shopping on Amazon, then it would be a HUGE help to me if you did it through my Amazon Affiliate Links. Any time you shop on amazon through a link I’ve provided on an item of gear, or even just a link I’ve provided directly to Amazon; I get a small kickback from anything you buy (even if it’s not something I recommended and linked on this website). An example of how this works: If you simply click on the adorable CatFox image below, it will take you to Amazon’s “home page” through an “affiliate link” I’ve attached to said image of CatFox. From there you can shop and search as you normally would on Amazon (no codes, no sign ups, no nothing), and I’ll get a very tiny percentage of any money you spend as a “Thank You” from Amazon for referring you to them through my affiliate link. In return, I will be infinitely thankful for this small kindness on your part 🙂  If you are going to shop and buy things anyway, then I greatly appreciate you doing it  through my affiliate links. It’s a great way to help support the efforts of  sharing my trail experiences with you – by doing something you probably do pretty often on your own already. Also, you can do this at any time, not just on Cyber Monday!

Click the CatFox and Shop!

katana cash


So as far as the website goes, there is lots of new stuff, as well as new ways you can help support it! I’m going to be trying to juggle finishing the new PCT book, as well adding new content  on here before hitting the CDT next March. I can honestly say that writing has become my new full time job, and I am exploring every avenue in which to make a living from it.


Cyber stuff aside, the comings and goings of life outside of the written word and the internet are moving right along. Katana and I are completely settled in up here in Opelika, Alabama with Jessica (Dixie), and we’re falling into our new routines. Every morning we go to the local Sports Complex to run, swim, lift weights, do yoga, and otherwise stay active. The rest of the day is devoted to our respected crafts; writing, blogging, vlogging, and planning future adventures. Living with someone who shares the same interests and life goals, as well as the same ideas in which to attain them; has been an amazing experience. We’re constantly feeding off each other and bouncing new ideas around. It’s a new chapter of life, and I can’t wait to see where it takes us. I also can’t wait to bring you along too 😉


  1. This is a great update, and right off the bat,I like the new font that is on this email! I will certainly click on the “catfox” link when I need to shop on Amazon.


  2. Welcome to Sweet Home Alabama….We moved to Dothan Alabama nearly 30 years ago and It’s home to us…we come through Opelika to hit the interstate whenever we go to South Carolina to see my mom…I told my husband to scatter my ashes up and down the highway after I’m gone…that’s all I know!! We both enjoy Dixie and your Adventures…..Thanks for letting us be a part of it!!

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