Day 95 on the Continental Divide Trail


Zero Day
It was a regular zero day. Rest, eat, rest, write, eat, blog, rest, walk around, etc. I like Grand Lake, it’s absolutely beautiful. However it’s an ant farm of tourist activity, therefore it makes it an interesting place to visit temporarily, but not a place I could see myself long term. I love Colorado, but I have yet to enter a community of “just locals” and no tourists. I’m sure they must be out there and I can’t wait to discover them.

Stomper will be leaving us soon. He has come to terms with the fact that he can’t hike the miles he needs to hike. He’s not going to quit, but very soon he is going to make a jump down to the beginning of the San Juans. He’ll come back and fill in the sections he missed, later. This takes a lot of pressure off the three of us. Now we’ll be able to hike to our full potential, get past the time sensitive areas, then undoubtedly catch Stomper again and hopefully finish with him at a more leisurely pace. We’ll see.

Aggravatingly enough, the bad weather that was slated for all day today arrived late. So late in fact, we probably could have hiked the 20 mile section we needed to hike before it hit in the late afternoon. It was a totally gorgeous day up until then. However when the weather did finally arrive, it did do with gusto; rain, hail, and snow up at elevation. I had been regretting the zero, but when the weather started, I felt much better. Even though we wasted 9 hours of beautiful hiking weather prior to it. Such is life. Maybe I can be a meteorologist too, and throw darts at a board full of potential weather forecasts…

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  1. The weather forecasting in Colorado can be tricky… I head out prepared for anything… It might or might not happen

  2. You will find good locals in Leadville. Hope you climb Elbert. Good locals in Twin Lakes as well. Good job and extremely envious.

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