Day 88 on the Continental Divide Trail

Day- 88

Date- 9/17/17

Location- side of trail

Elevation-  9,121 ft

Distance Traveled Today- 18.6 miles

Distance Traveled Total- 1,300.1 miles

Weather/Temp- 50s windy/rain/sleet/ cloudy

Injuries- cut knee, cut thumb

Pain level- zero

Spirits/Morale- optimistic

Wildlife encounters- deer

Days without shower- 2

Days without laundry- 6

Hunger/craving- zero

As per usual, we took our time getting out of town. It was windy and cold down in town, so it would be many times worse when we got several thousand feet higher.

Since my old umbrella was destroyed in the hellacious wind a couple days ago, I was in the market for a new one. Unfortunately nowhere in town had any in stock. While asking around at one of the several thrift stores, the owner of said thrift store gave me her own personal umbrella in exchange for mine (which she said she would fix). More kindness from Wyoming, and now I have a beautiful new rainbow umbrella.

We hitched a ride back to trail with an oil surveyor (or something like that), and were hiking at about noon. There was still snow settled all over the mountain in the shady areas that didn’t get much sun. I couldn’t help but think to myself, “whoops!” Here I am at the halfway point of this trail, and it’s already snowing.

As far as the terrain went, the climbs and descents were mostly very mild. The trail however was nearly nonexistent or unrecognizable through many areas. Most of the time you were following posts or cairns through the open meadows, rocky ridgelines, and numerous, NUMEROUS blow-downs. The chilly winds persisted, and scattered showers peppered us throughout the afternoon and evening. All in all however, it was a rather leisurely and enjoyable day.

Unfortunately we didn’t hike into Colorado, but instead stopped a couple miles short. It was almost dark, and we didn’t want to hit the border sign in pitch black. I made a big fire to combat the biting cold and boiled some water to re-hydrate my egg noodles. I set my tarp up again in case there are anymore surprise rain showers. Last night in Wyoming, going out with a warm bang on a cold night.

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