Day 87 on the Continental Divide Trail


Zero Day
Weather was still rolling in up in the mountains, so it was another no brainer zero. It’s funny, on the AT you don’t even think twice about hiking out in the rain. Well, you do, but it’s not a big deal to head out of town in a rain storm. I must have done it a dozen times out there. Here on the CDT, if the weather is bad and you’re in town…everyone takes it as a free pass to take a day off. As the weather cools off more for good, I suspect I’ll have to get used to hiking out in less than optimal weather….

So the day began with a local couple inviting us over for breakfast. An elderly couple named Janice and Gary had us over to their beautiful home for coffee, pancakes with homemade jam, bacon, and cheese eggs. It was one of the best trail breakfasts I’ve ever had.  Janice owned and ran a local thrift store, while Gary was a retired fighter pilot from the marines.

For such a small town, Encampment blew me away.  All of Wyoming has blown me away. Anywhere you walk in town, locals pull over to ask if you need anything or a ride.  It’s funny, I feel like everyone has an idea of what every state is like before they ever go there. As far as my preconceived notions go, Wyoming is exactly the way I imagined Montana to be. All of us agreed, Wyoming is more like Montana than Montana is (when it comes to cliche state expectations).

Since last night, all of the surrounding mountains are now capped with now. It’s exciting and unsettling all at once. I don’t believe the weather will only get worse from here on out. I think we’re having our first good freezing storms of the year before another bout of nice weather. After this next stretch of good weather passes…I think it will only deteriorate to the point of pleasant days being the exception rather than the norm.

We walked around town, patronized the few local eateries, and otherwise lazed about. As it grew later, we decided to rent some movies from the local convenience store; one of them was the Big Lebowski. I’ve seen it a hundred times,, but Stomper never had. When you watch a universally loved classic movie with someone who’s never seen it, it’s like watching it for the first time all over again. Talk about a movie with consistently hilarious dialogue in almost every scene. But that’s just like…my opinion man.

We hike out tomorrow. Colorado is so close I can practically smell the free range, organic, healthy, gluten free foods that are sure to abound there.

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