Day 81 on the Continental Divide Trail

Day- 81

Date- 9/10/17

Location- Rawlins, WY

Elevation- 6,785 ft

Distance Traveled Today- 12 miles

Distance Traveled Total- 1,206.3 miles

Weather/Temp- overcast, light rain

Injuries- aching shins and knees

Pain level- moderate to high

Spirits/Morale- finally relaxed

Wildlife encounters- zero

Days without shower- zero

Days without laundry- zero

Hunger/craving- satisfied

I woke up to a light drizzle on my face this morning. Fewer things can be more panic inducing than waking up to rain in the middle of the night while cowboy camping. Luckily it was morning when the rain started, so it was nothing more than an early alarm clock rather than a reason to scramble to put up my tarp.

The trail would literally join the highway and run directly into the town of Rawlins in about 30 miles. However, food was low and pain was high, so we were planning on hitching in at the first opportunity in about 12 miles. I planned to walk back to our hitching point later on and close the gap to keep up my continuous footpath.

The 12 miles to the highway was wholly uneventful and went by in a flash. The trail/jeep track ran almost perfectly straight tbd entire time, and we knocked out the twelve miles by 10am. It took 15 minutes for a jeep to pull over and give us a boost into town. The driver was an older rough neck gentleman who’s only familiarity with the town of Rawlins was the penitentiary (in his own words). Puma and I enjoyed a few nips out of the half empty bottle of Black Velvet whiskey that Bob (our driver) kept stored between the driver’s seat and middle console. Nice guy that Bob!

My feet and ankles are stiff, but it’s the shooting pains in my legs that are the real distraction. I know I’m not injured, but I’ve definitely pushed my body well beyond its comfort zone. The repairing and strengthening process will itself be painful, but when it’s done…I’ll be able to this again more easily.

So now we’ve met back up with Funny Bone, Red Bass, Mongo, and Honey Pot. Stomper is still somewhere in the Basin, and there’s a Thai Buffet somewhere in this town with my name on it…

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