Day 78 on the Continental Divide Trail

Day- 78

Date- 9/7/17

Location- Atlantic City

Elevation- ?

Distance Traveled Today- 7

Distance Traveled Total- 1,108.3 miles

Weather/Temp- clear, 80s

Injuries- none

Pain level- zero

Spirits/Morale- anxious

Wildlife encounters- livestock

Days without shower- 3

Days without laundry- 12

Hunger/craving- none

As far as miles go, today was more or less a bust, but at least we got back on trail. After dragging getting out of the NOLES building, then taking a long breakfast, then running to the post office, we finally started hitching a little before noon. It took less than ten minutes for a middle aged man named Joe to pull over and offer us a lift back to trail.

I didn’t plan to do a lot of miles today in preparation of the 24 hour hike tomorrow, so the 7 short miles are of no consequence. After getting dropped off at the trailhead, we only had three miles before walking directly into the historic gold mining town of South Pass City. The “city” only had a permanent population of 4 people. Yes, “four” people. It was a tourist attraction more than an actual town, and you had to pay to walk through the area containing 150 year old buildings (thru hikers didn’t). It was a very cool experience, and they even had a 150 year old general store that still sold a few snacks and drinks.

As if a late start from Lander and the quick entry into South Pass wasn’t good enough, there was yet a third town to be experienced a further 4 miles down the trail; Atlantic City. Atlantic city wasn’t much bigger than South Pass, but it had slightly more to offer. So after another short afternoon jaunt down the trail, we found ourselves in this next new pocket of civilization which possessed one restaurant to its name…Miner’s Grubstake.

After several hours of eating burgers, playing music on the jukebox, having my first Sarsparilla, and trying to hydrate as much as possible; we decided to go no further than Atlantic City. The owner said we could camp out in front of the building, so that’s exactly what we did. Stomper and I are cowboy camped on the front porch now that business hours are over and the few patrons have gone home.

I’ve got serious butterflies over tomorrow’s challenge. I’m confident, but I can’t help feeling anxious. Puma has decided that he wants to do it too. It seems this challenge is catching on more and more. I know of several others who are now attempting it. I know by no means did I invent this challenge, but it seems to be more influential when people see someone else committing to it, rather than just talking about it. Doing the challenge with someone else should be nothing but an advantage to both. I’m excited to see how it plays out. My Girlfriend Dixie set the bar at 62, so I have to at least match her miles or raise the bar higher. Getting 70 or better would be amazing, but we’ll have to see just how bad I want to smash her record 😉

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  1. So when I read your location was Atlantic City, I’m thinking why the heck is he in Atlantic City and if he’s that close to me, I want to meet him! I work in THE Atlantic City but I’d much rather be in your ATlantic City. Definitely putting it on the bucket list. Hope you family faired okay in the hurricane.

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