Day 76 & 77 on the Continental Divide Trail

Zero days

9/5/17 – 9/6/17
I only meant to take one zero here in Lander to work on the blog and go through all my pictures, but it turned into two. The Hurricane hype has reached a frenzy, and now there are two other storms brewing out there. I decided to take another day to see if I could catch the latest landfall projection. For now it’s looking like southern Florida is going to get hammered, which is where three of my siblings and an aunt of mine live.

Everyone else has hiked out except Puma and Stomper. Puma was diagnosed with Giardia, and is now taking antibiotics to clear it up. Stomper had an infected toenail and a bunch of skin removed, so he’s also taking it easy.

I’m not worried about the others getting ahead because they are planning to do normal days. When I enter the Basin tomorrow (or whenever), I will do one smaller normal day, then hit my 24 hour challenge followed by a continuous effort challenge. Basically I will see how far I can get in 24 hours, then see how much further I can get before giving up or falling asleep. The basin is a hot but mostly flat desert. The terrain will be easy, but I’ll have to be extremely careful not to dehydrate or overheat. Those are the only things that could derail my challenge, so I’m paying extra attention to them.

So for now I’m just lounging around the “NOLES” headquarters here in Lander. It’s $15 a night for my own bunkroom in this 100 year old building. All the good food I could ever want is nearby, and I went to the movies last night for the first time on trail. I love this town so much, I could see myself living here…          Go to day 78


  1. Kyle,
    I’m really enjoying reading your latest adventure. When is the PCT book going to be available? Tomorrow is the first day of school and the summer reading assignment for my freshman computer science students was your AT book… they need to unplug. Looking forward to their feedback and will show your youtube video.
    Thanks and stay safe.

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