Day 71 on the Continental Divide Trail

Zero Day

As I halfway anticipated last night, we didn’t hike out today. It was off and on rain and thunderstorms all day. Looking back towards the mountains, it looked much worse than what the town was getting. So today turned into one of my favorite zero days.

We all had breakfast at a local cafe where the waitress spilled a full cup of hot maple syrup down Red Bass’s back. The poor guy couldn’t catch a break between broken cell phones and piping hot, sticky liquids. At least he got a free meal.

Other than the usual tasks and errands, one activity did stand out today. Although Pinedale only has a permanent population of around 2k people, the town is home to a $25 MILLION aquatic center that was paid for through a private source.  Myself, Mongo, Puma, and Red Bass went to check it out.

We played volleyball, basketball, soccer, racket ball, floated the lazy river, swam, went down water slides, marinated in a hot tub, climbed a rock wall, swung on a rope into a pool, and more or less enjoyed the hell out of ourselves. I’ve never seen anything like this aquatic center in such a quaint town. I could do this everyday.

I can’t help but feel like progress has ground to a halt. The beauty is unmatched throughout this section, but I don’t like the feeling of crawling. If our little tramily (trail family) is to stay together, then we’re only as fast as our weakest link on any given day. Supposedly the best is still yet to come here in Wyoming. I’m giving the Wind River Range a “pass” for this slow pace, but I’ve gotta start picking it up after this section. I don’t want to be out here for the rest of the year.

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