Day 53

Zero Day

I wanted to hike out today, but I was too far behind on my blog. Keeping up with this thing requires nearly a full day, and yesterday and last night I was too distracted by my companions to do the work I needed to do. 

It’s been increasingly difficult to write as much as I want to each night. I hike until 8 or 9, then don’t usually finish up writing until close to 11pm, sometimes later. Lately its been getting much cooler at night, so my screen has been getting condensation on it, making it very difficult to type accurately. Not to mention the cold hands/fingers. 

So yes, it turned into a double zero so I don’t get too far behind on what I basically consider my job; bringing the experience to you, as well as archiving my thoughts and memories. It’s so difficult to maintain the discipline to write this much out here, but I know it will pay off later down the road when I want to re-live the journey and elaborate on it in a possible future book. 

I’m going to try and get back on trail as early as possible tomorrow morning. 


  1. Well I can only imagine the discipline it takes to journal it all and then post it on a blog after hiking 30 miles while still interacting with other hikers and operating with nothing more than what you have in your backpack. Still I can’t think of a better job and I’m the picture of envy! Always looking forward to the next installment and now watching Dixie too. As much as I wish I could be out there too this is as close as I can get at the moment so Thank You for bringing it to my doorstep ūüėÉūüôĆūüźĺ


  2. Hi Kyle! I know it would probably much easier to do a trail hike without the countless hours you additionally invest in maintaining a blog and your social media, however I would like to personally thank you for doing so. It is a real source of inspiration for myself personally, and I am sure countless others as well. Your writing style is exceptional, and you have a real knack for portraying your adventures in a realistic, down to earth way, while also displaying your great sense of humor. Your blogging is also why I will be purchasing “Lost on the Appalachian Trail”, so it also makes sense from a business perspective too! I have a feeling you and Jessica will combine your passions in the future and become the Beyonce and Jay-Z of the hiking world and make a life following your passions. Thanks again bro!

    Paul H.

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  3. Thanks for the Catfox update. She has a big following, well I think she does anyway. She does by me, we have a Husky/ mix that I think may be Shiba by her mannerisms. She walks and looks a lot like Katana.


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