Continental Divide Trail – Day 44

Day- 44

Date- 8/4/17

Location- Salmon


Distance Traveled Today- 10 miles

Distance Traveled Total- 570.7 miles

Weather/Temp- clear, 70s 80s

Injuries- BAD Chafing

Pain level- moderate to high

Spirits/Morale- blah

Wildlife encounters- horses, cows, llamas

Human Beings encountered on trail- 2

Thru hikers encountered on trail- 2

Days without shower- 0

Days without laundry- 0

Hunger/craving- none


Good grief was it hot last night! I slept on top of my sleeping bag and still sweated like Gary Glitter in Toys r’ us.

When I awoke this morning, it was not to a pleasant surprise. I’ve only had it happen a hand full of times, but I sweated so much in my sleep, that I woke up chafed in the nether regions. Everything was fine when I went to bed, but became “not fine” over night. I powder up with gold bond medicated body powder every morning and afternoon, and that usually keeps me “golden” all day, every day. It looks like on these hot nights I’m going to have to start powdering up before bed. Usually I’d only powder up before bed if I was already having a problem. Now I’m going to have to get even more preemptive.

I did run into two other thru hikers today who were headed north. They were German and heading along the same route as me due to fire closures at a trail head further south. They gave me info on what I had ahead of me on the road, and I did the same for them. We parted ways after only a couple minutes.

So it was a slightly uncomfortable 10 miles into the town of Salmon Idaho, and by the time I’d had an early lunch at a local diner and dried/cooled off in the AC…everything was raw. So I decided to give the boys a break for the rest of the day and do some maintenance on my clothing and myself. I hadn’t done laundry in almost two weeks, so I’m sure that was a contributing factor. Not to mention I’ve never spent this much time on a hot road in this kind of heat. I’m sure my oysters feel like they’re in the fire with all this extra heat reflecting up from below on the asphalt.

Chafing or not, I plan to hit a big day on the road tomorrow and be back on trail after tomorrow at the earliest, or the day after that at the latest. I can smell the end of Montana, only a few hundred more miles…

Ah, I almost forgot. That sound I heard several nights ago at Johnson Lake that I described as a pterodactyl or a drone…I figured it out today. ย While walking along the Salmon River this morning I spooked up a small flock of Geese. They took off across the water and went right by me making the exact sound I heard. Now that I could see it and hear it, it reminded me more of someone throwing a bolas. So…another wilderness mystery solved.


  1. I’m currently section hiking the AT and just finished your book about the same. I’m following your CDT blog and enjoying it immensely. I look forward to the next entries. Stay safe!

  2. preemptive powdering…I am reading your blog at work and am laughing out loud…sorry. I’m glad you are taking care of your family jewels.

  3. Kyle- Have you tried body glide for chafing? We tried it and it works great. Buy it at REI or any sporting goods store.

  4. Kyle, I think you’re using 7 for the month instead of 8 at the top of your posts. Really enjoying following your journey. Thanks for sharing it.
    PS My house i(n Colorado) has a view of the Continental Divide. I’ll be thinking of you when you get into CO.
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  5. Nice drive I’ve been on 93 before. Don’t think it would be so cool hiking it but as alternatives go I’d say you definitely made the better choice. I’ll have to check out the Broken Arrow Mexican Restaurant sounds like my kind of place. Okay so you ended this post with a bridge and what looks like a pretty nice river for jumping into. With your history of jumping into rivers…Did you make the leap? Good way to cool down and get laundry done at the same time. ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿผ

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