Continental Divide Trail – Day 28

Day 28 

Zero Day
I had originally planned to hike out in the late morning or midday after my night in Lincoln, but it didn’t play out that way. 

Late morning arrived and I wasn’t feeling it. I still felt exhausted and not quite myself. The internal pressure and guilt to hike was incredibly strong, but my gut was saying “take more time. Drink more fluids.” So I went with my gut and my body instead of my obsessive brain. 

I pounded water after water all day, and asked for my own pitcher at the two establishments I had breakfast, lunch and dinner at throughout the day; feeling better by the hour. 

In between meals I napped and rested in my motel room. Turned the AC all the way down and just sprawled out. I really liked Lincoln; the people were friendly, and the few establishments they did have were cozy and had great food. That’s all it takes for me to like a place…great food. The smoked wings at Bushwackers were excellent; I think I ordered them four times in the day and a quarter that I was here. 

I couldn’t find an umbrella in the entire town, but I managed to source some hats. I didn’t want a ball cap (not enough protection), so that was of the table. Then I went into a very small thrift store and found their very small selection of 3 hats. One was a women’s bright red straw sun hat that was more or less see through; pass. The second was a Stetson cowboy hat which must have been made for a child because it was way too small. The third (and worst) hat of the three was a sun brimmed fedora made from the “finest” Valeur. It fit perfectly to both my horror and relief; do with no other options, I bought it. The woman asked for $3, but I gave her a five and said “keep the change.”  I’m now the proud owner of valeur fedora; yay me. I hope it works. 

I’d like to get on trail as early as possible. The first natural source of water is 27 miles away; I need to be prepared to go that far if the two “human maintained” water caches between there fail me….

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