This category mostly contains items that require batteries to operate, or accessories to items that require batteries. In our fast paced world, electronics on trail are becoming more popular by the year. Here are some ideas/popular items that people take with them into the woods. If you are taking lots of pictures or keeping up with very detailed blogs/vlogs; then you are more likely to carry more of these items. 

The Anker Battery Packs are without a doubt the most popular chargers found amongst hikers on the long trail. They are affordable, simple, and very effective. They come in many different capacities, so it’s up to you to find the perfect one. Since I blog on my cell phone and also take lots of pictures and videos, I tend to run down the battery a lot; therefore I carry a rather large battery pack. The battery I’ve provided a link too will charge my phone anywhere from five to seven times.

Solar charges are popular, but not always the most economical option on trail. Unless you’re hiking in the desert or out in the open, you usually won’t have enough time/exposure to the sun to get enough charge to make it worth it. Still, some people carry them no matter what. In a survival situation, a solar battery is undoubtedly your best option. It all depends on what you need it for. The solar chargers tend to be heavier than battery packs as well.

I used this Headlamp for my entire PCT thru hike and I loved it! It weighs exactly one ounce, and for my purposes it’s perfect. Some people want the biggest and brightest headlamps that can light up the entire forest, but not me. When I’m using a headlamp while hiking or around camp, I don’t need to see further than what’s directly in front of me or my feet. It’s light, compact, and water resistant. If I need to use it in the rain while hiking at night, then I slip a little plastic Ziploc bag over it to keep it dry. The batteries are extremely light as well. It takes CR2032 Batteries.

I’ve used this tiny light for hiking, as well as around camp. I know hikers who use this light exclusively for all of their illumination needs. For weighing well under an ounce, this little photon light packs a huge punch. In the past I’ve tied a small string around it and worn it as a necklace; this way I always have light instantly available to me at any time.

Of all the ultralight lights coming out today, I would have to say that Petzl is probably one of the most popular. I have never used one myself, but the positive reviews from the masses do not lie. It’s worth a look-see.

The Firefly and Photon lights use these tiny lithium batteries, so I figured I might as well post a link to them. You can’t beat how light and compact they are.

This lightweight, super versatile tripod only weighs around 6 to 7 ounces, but it pull its own weight. Mount your cell phone on it and use it to do time lapses, timed shots of yourself, or simply mount the tripod to your trekking pole or stick to take a selfie video. If you’re into photography and making videos on trail, this is a must have.

Cell Phone Hard Case

If you don’t already have your cell phone in a hard, protective case; then you might want to start for your hike. You’ll be dropping your phone and bumping into things quite a bit. No sense in risking losing all those photos you took. Take the time to find the right hard case your specific phone and protect it.

Compact Wall Charger

Obviously you’re going to be carrying a wall charger with you to charge your cell phone and other devices. These can range from the extremely bulky, to the the downright minuscule. I try to keep my wall charger as small and light as possible, while still being able to charge two devices simultaneously (my cell phone and battery pack, etc.).

Rugged USB Thumb Drive

I transfer all of writings, photos, and videos onto USB thumb drives while I’m on the trail. This keeps the memory on my phone cleared up, and my content from the adventure safe. I use a high capacity thumb drive that’s heat, cold, shock, and water resistant. You never can be too careful with your memories an livelihood.

Micro USB to USB adapter

I carry a Micro USB to USB adapter. This means I can hook a thumb drive up to my phone and transfer files in either directions. It also means that if my phone’s screen is cracked and unresponsive; I can connect a computer mouse to my phone via this adapter and access everything remotely without using the touch screen. This is a very handy trick.

Kindle Fire

I used to carry a Kindle Fire tablet on trail to journal and read, but now I just use my cell phone for everything. It’s all a matter of personal preference. You can download the “Kindle Reader” app on your phone, but I don’t like to read on such a small screen. I don’t always like to journal on such a small device either. A kindle Fire is an affordable tablet that can perform a myriad of useful tasks without having to squint at a tiny phone screen all the time. The downside is they weigh a bit more.

Bluetooth Portable Keyboard

There are lighter keyboards out there (this one is about 7 ounces), but they are made of a flexible material and are usually quite unreliable. This would be the next best option. Some people cannot write for an extended period of time on the touch screen of a cell phone or kindle. I’ve seen people with portable bluetooth keyboards such as this one who are able to type and journal on their phones as they would a laptop computer. They take some getting used to, but for some people it’s better than the touch screen alternative. If you’re serious about your journaling and blogging, then this might be a good item for you.


Hiearcool H9R Action Camera (Go-Pro mount Compatible)

This is a more affordable and better received alternative to the Go-pro. It is not a Go-pro, but it works with all the same Go-pro mounts. Some of the most incredible outdoor footage I’ve seen has been taking with these types of cameras. Getting action shots of yourself jumping into lakes, rivers, and off bridges really adds to the digital story of your adventure. This camera is worth checking out…

Go-Pro Mounts

I can’t testify to the reliability of all the products listed here, but they’ll give you a better idea of the types of mounts you can use with an action camera. You may not want to order this entire bundle, but instead pick and choose individual items, then order the “Go-Pro Brand” instead of these off brand items. I couldn’t find a Go-Pro brand bundle like this, so I shared this one to give you a better idea of what’s out there.

Selfie Stick

A good selfie stick can provide some incredible landscape shots while standing on ledges or walking across open ridges. It’s up to you to find the style and size you prefer; you’ll be the one carrying it.


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