Racing Winter on the Pacific Crest Trail – Day 157

​Day- 157

Date- 9/19/16

Location- Snowqualmie pass

Elevation- 3,015 ft

Distance Traveled Today- 18.2 miles

Distance Traveled Total- 2,390.6 miles

Weather/Temp-  rainy, foggy, windy, 40s

Injuries- none

Pain level- low

Spirits/Morale- anxious

Days without shower- 0

Hunger/craving- low


It was a tough but good day.  The trail threw some good obstacles at us, but in the end we made short work of them.  The rain started back up last night around 9 pm and held steady throughout most of today.

We hit the trail at 8:30, and as usual,  Katana was bitter for the first several miles.  Still,  she never demanded to be carried,  never in a freezing rain; she’s much better off hiking to stay warm,  and she knows it.

The hardest aspect of today was definitely the rocks.  I’ve got to say,  I’ve never seen the rocks as bad as they were today.  Out of 18 miles,  I’d say close to 14 of them were gnarly rocks. That could be a slight exaggeration,  as things always seem worse in bad weather,  and especially when you’re close to getting into town after a rough stretch.  Regardless,  Katana ate up every single one of those rocks, forded every swollen creek,  and braved the chilled winds for all 18 miles,  no breaks,  except to collect water,  once.

There were no animals,  no interactions,  just a chilly,  wet,  sprint to Snoqualmie. We ended up making it in less than 6 hours after setting out,  despite the obstacles.

My favorite part of the entire day was when we finally rounded up over a berm and could finally see Snoqualmie with its ski lifts, hotel, gas station, and other various small businesses.  When Katana saw all of it,  she froze,  looking out, obviously very excited to see civilization,  as was I. I couldn’t wait to get out of the elements for a while.

As we stood there,  I couldn’t help but rile Katana up and get her excited. I started jumping around her and letting my voice rise as I yelled “Let’s get down there!”  I started to run down the trail,  but Katana wasn’t having it.  The trail wound it’s way down for another half mile,  but she wasn’t taking the long way around.  She began bolting straight down the hill, between the ski lifts,  making right for all the buildings. I didn’t even call her back,  I just took off after her, laughing and egging her on.  It was a lot of fun,  and a great way to end a somewhat uncomfortably wet and cold day.

I think I’m going to zero here tomorrow; my last official zero of this hike.  After all these rocks,  katana deserves it,  plus I want her to be able to relax as a late birthday gift.  I’m gonna find some treats for her…

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  1. What a smart brave puppy! I have loved following your story so far. I must be so exciting being close to the border!

  2. My goodness…for the first time, you’ve had me fretting over your safety & comfort. Happy Birthday Katana… have a lot of humans loving you & your “main” human…..please listen to him! Traveling mercies~

  3. Katana is a spunky dog. Love it she just rolls with the punches.
    I know you have just loved having her on your adventures.
    Having dinner with your mum this evening.
    No doubt your ears will be burning. lol
    Take care. deb

  4. Fantastic pics n descrips, Kyle and Katana!……Happy 6th Birthday, Katana!…..WooHoo, only about roughly 240 miles to go by my reckoning!….. 👍👏🍀😃

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