Racing Winter on the Pacific Crest Trail – Day 153

​Day- 153

Date-  9/15/16

Location- near creek

Elevation- 4,606 ft

Distance Traveled Today- 12.4 miles

Distance Traveled Total- 2,304.8

Weather/Temp- clear 70s

Injuries- none

Pain level- low

Spirits/Morale- tired

Days without shower- 1

Hunger/craving- low


I slept in and decided to hang around town for half the day. Unfortunately, the right lymph node in my neck is swollen,  sore, and stiff to the point that it hurts to turn my head in either direction,  or swallow.  This is slightly alarming, since it signifies some kind of imbalance or ailment that may be preparing to rear its ugly head,  but I’m not going to dwell or  disparage because of it.  I’m going to ignore it, push it to the back of my mind, think positively, and BELIEVE that it means nothing, rather than feed the symptoms with paranoid thoughts. 

At close to noon I managed to hitch a ride with an elderly man named Gary.  We spent the long drive back to trail talking about his history growing up in the local area.  

The pup and I were hiking a little after midday, and Katana was motivated as usual. It was a fairly uneventful afternoon,  although there was an abnormally high amount of horse shit on the trail,  it’s odor permeating the forest; obviously a popular riding area.  

We called it a day after only 12.5 miles,  with a couple hours of daylight to spare.  The early stop was due to arriving at a gorgeous creek and campsite,  plus the fact that I just felt drained, per usual when coming out of town.  

The forecast is calling for rain starting sometime tomorrow evening, then continuing for several days.  I’d like to rack up as many miles as possible tomorrow,  then do what we can when the weather deteriorates.

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