Day 148

​Day- 148

Date- 9/10/16

Location- Trout Lake 

Elevation- 3,848 ft

Distance Traveled Today- 20.2 miles 

Distance Traveled Total-  2,226.4 miles

Weather/Temp-  clear 70s

Injuries- bee sting 

Pain level- mild

Spirits/Morale- confident

Days without shower- 5

Hunger/craving- low


I had the most incredible wake up call of my life this morning. The piercing scream of an elk beugling nearby woke me instantly from a dead sleep at about 6 am. I sat up thinking it was right in the immediate vicinity, but didn’t see anything,  and it only called once.  When I told some other hikers about it later that morning,  several of them claimed to have heard it too.  Some didn’t even know what it was. 

The bee sting on the top of my knee was giving me a lot of grief all day.  There’s a big swollen nodule that itches and feels life a bruise; it actually hurts to walk.  I’ve never experienced anything like it from an insect.  

Katana was a little stop and go this morning for the first couple of hours.  She was on a roll smelling,  as well as marking her territory everywhere.  Thankfully it didn’t last,  because we’ve had days on the past where she would go on like that all day long.  If I hurried her on too much,  then she’d get defiant and hold her ground; she’s a fickle beast. 

Once we hit our stride, the day went perfectly smoothe and flew by.  On our last big climb of the day,  two deer ran off the trail and up the mountain with Katana hot on their heels.  I’d yell at her to stop,  she’d stop,  look at me with her wild eye tongue out “look,” hear the deer,  resume chase,  then I’d yell again,  and the process would repeat; about 3 times in this case, before she ran back to me.  It was very comical.  

We finished up our 20 miles to the road before 5 pm,  and scored a ride in about 10 minutes with a man named Ross,  who was actually from Florida.  “Where ya headed?” He asked.  “Trout Lake,” I replied.  “I know where it is,  never been there,  let’s go!”   

It was quick and engaging hitch,  spent mostly talking about fishing and Florida. Ross had spent time living on a boat,  sailing around the Caribbean with his family (something I’m very interested in), so we talked about that a little bit.  

Trout Lake is a very small,  quiet, and remote town.  There’s just enough her to satisfy any cravings or resupply needs,  but not enough to overwhelm you;  my kind of place.  I’m camped out in a local park now, already looking forward to breakfast.  I’m looking at getting back to the trail around noon tomorrow….


  1. Once again, you made my day with four entries to read plus images of Katana. The tone in your writing wreaks of utter happiness in having your hiking partner back. Thank you for sharing your adventure with all your followers…..

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You’re getting classic Northwest fallish weather this next week. Warm & dry – about 80 in the valleys, probably a little chilly at times in the mountains. Perfect!


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