Racing Winter on the Pacific Crest Trail – Day 138

​Day- 138

Date- 8/31/16

Location- Timberline Lodge

Elevation- 6,014 ft

Distance Traveled Today- 38.6 miles

Distance Traveled Total- 2094.4 miles

Weather/Temp- clear, rainy, 70s-30s

Injuries- none

Pain level- low

Spirits/Morale- wet and cold

Days without shower- 0

Hunger/craving- low


Was hiking by 6:30 at a blistering pace,  determined to complete my nearly 39 mile day into Timberline Lodge as early as possible.  The forecast called for rain today,  but the sky was clear up until mid afternoon. 

The comical thing that kept getting in the way of my pace today, was running into familiar faces.  First I ran into SPF Pete,  then C.A.T, then the father son duo named Double D’s, then Mason,  then Butters and Cookie Monster.  All friends, all people I’d seen recently,  or hadn’t seen in a while.  Regardless,  each chance  meeting ended up in a conversation that lasted between 10 and 20 minutes. The funny thing was that everyone was sitting down when I ran into them,  making me pause to.  It was great seeing so many people,  but it was so ironic that I’d run into this many on a day when speed was of the essence, especially when the clouds came out. 

It was a little after 4pm when the overcast clouds rolled in and I really felt the pinch. I hadn’t hiked in actual rain in nearly 2,000 miles since Big Bear Lake. This trail has spoiled me,  unlike the AT, where it rained on more than a hundred separate days of my 195 day thru hike.  

At close to 5pm,  a very heavy, very cold drizzle began off and on,  but didn’t totally stop for my last 10 miles uphill into Timberline. If anything,  it made me go quicker in order to beat out the cold; arriving slightly after 8 pm. 

Timberline Lodge was incredible! A massive, old, historical building built not far from the summit of Mt.  Hood.  As far as resorts go,  I could see myself going out of my way to come back here to visit. My favorite bit of history about the lodge was that part of the movie “The Shining” was filmed there.  

To beat out the freezing,  wet,  windy weather outside,  I split a bunkroom with Butters and Cookie Monster. Supposedly,  this lodge has the best breakfast buffet on the trail…I’m greatly looking forward to investigating that rumor.  The forecast is calling for more rain, so I’m not thrilled about hiking out tomorrow, but alas,  I have to.  

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  1. I was at Timberline Lodge 7/16. It was beautiful and had delicious food. This Florida girl loved the Oregon Mountains!

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