Racing Winter on the Pacific Crest Trail – Day 128

​Day 128

Zero Day


Woke up early on the shore of Diamond Lake due to a duck waddling onto my sleeping pad and bag.  Nearly gave me a heart attack.

I liked the location so much,  I decided to stay.

I spent the day fishing,  laying in the grass, relaxing in the lodge,  eating, playing with plague ridden ground squirrels, and helping an old lady load up a bunch of oak logs into a truck to somewhere else on the lake.

Sorry to say,  but I caved and took a shower, for several reasons.  For one, I felt disgusting; my eyelids were starting to stick because of how much grime was on them.  And two,  I smelled and looked like a freshly unearthed corpse; hanging out in the lodge was truly offensive to others.  Yes it’s funny/fun to be filthy and watch people’s reactions to your appearance/odors when you’re in town,  but if you’re going to deliberately spend time in a busy/family area,  don’t make people suffer for your own entertainment.  Thirdly,  my birthday is coming up in a couple days,  which means I’ll be attempting a 24 hour hike. With all the grime,  dirt,  salt, and caked on body powder from the past week, it could very easily bring on some bad chaffing after an extra long day of extra hard hiking.  So I showered… another made up challenge failed.  Yak it up

I plan to hike out tomorrow,  but I’m going to take it easy on the days preceding this 24 hour hike…

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  1. If you’re going to opt out of a challenge, no washing until Washington was the one to quit. I bet it was a delicious shower too.

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