Racing Winter on the Pacific Crest Trail – Day 123

​Day- 123

Date- 8/16/16

Location- Brown Shelter 

Elevation-  5,240 ft

Distance Traveled Today- 31.3 Miles

Distance Traveled Total- 1,760.8 miles

Weather/Temp-  clear 80s 70s

Injuries- none

Pain level- low

Spirits/Morale- relaxed

Days without shower- 2

Hunger/craving- low


Surprisingly,  I was so comfortable this morning, I didn’t hit the trail until after 7 am.  I had no goals, other than to do more than 30 miles.  

For the most part,  it was a very mundane day.  Not too many views,  and the forest was fairly average.  One observation I did make,  was that Oregon seems to have a ton of blow downs (fallen trees). I would wager there’s just as many trees laying on the forest floor as there is standing, if not more.  

I really didn’t push myself hard today,  and took several half hour breaks.  Water was a little scarce,  so I carried a couple extra liters. 

Very few hikers on trail in this area,  I maybe saw 4 today.  Knowing that I took a longer time off in Ashland than most, there should be a good deal of people just ahead of me that I already passed before Ashland.  The familiar faces will be nice to see again.  

About halfway through the day I decided on where I’d camp.  My map showed a shelter just off trail,  about 31 miles from where I started this morning.  Since shelters on this trail are virtually non existent,  I thought I’d pop in to check this one out.

I rolled into the shelter area a little after 7pm. It ended up being stocked with sodas and snacks; welcomed trail magic at the end of a long day. I also had the treat of seeing a Doe with 3 fawns; a new personal record.  I’ve only ever seen two fawns at a time.  I wonder how rare that is,  or if deer will adopt orphans.  

I ate dinner,  then built a fire in the fire pit and roasted some hard salami.  Ahhh, memories from the AT. With the fire burning nicely, I set up my ground sheet and sleeping pads right next to the pit.  I’m looking forward to dozing off to the sounds of crackling embers; nothing better.  

My only plan for tomorrow is to try and go bigger than today.  I’m getting close to Crater Lake,  so if I can do a huge day tomorrow,  I can do a big day the next,  then possibly take advantage of a touristy restaurant in Crater Lake National Park. We’ll see if my plans come to fruition…

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