I just wanted to take the time to make a post dedicated to you the reader.  THANK YOU! 

I appreciate all of your interest and support in my adventures and writing.  I do read all of your comments, usually while on the go,  but I must admit that I have been terrible about responding to you all.  It’s tough out here.  
While I have some down time,  I wanted to take the opportunity to be more interactive with you all.  
Please feel free to make any comments,  suggestions,  or ask questions about anything.  ANYTHING! 

If you have any questions about me,  the journey,  the trail,  past trails,  the book, gear, anything you can think of,  please ask it.

If there are subjects or things that you’d like to see written about or focused on more,  please let me know!  I want to know what you guys are most curious about and interested in.  
Suggestions to make the blog better,  share em’! I can’t do much about the layout,  I’m not very tech savvy,  and I do everything on my phone,  but any suggestions are welcomed! 
I will do a follow up post responding to all of you that includes your questions,  comments,  etc, and my respective responses. 
Thank you all again! 

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  1. I just finished your AT book–loved it! Wrote a review on Amazon!–so I’m just starting to read this blog after you’ve finished the hike. Thank heavens Katana is doing well now!

    Anyway, you asked for input, so next time you write a blog about a long hike, it would be great if you could give each entry a longer title than Day X, like you did this one. For example, to make one up, Day 111 Katana Returns. That would make it easier to go back and reread something you really like.

  2. Like all the others, I very much enjoy following your blog. I found it when you were well into the hike, caught up on all the posts in a few days and now check in about once a week to watch the progress. It is a lot of fun following in “almost” real time. Thanks for posting as frequently as you do!

    My question for you is your choice of breed for hiking. Did you already have Katana and turned her into a hiking dog or did you choose her specifically for a trail companion? Do you think a small dog is easier because you can carry her and lift her over obstacles if need be? I’ve always thought a big dog’s longer legs would make covering long distances easier. I have 2 dogs, a 6 year Husky mix and a 3 month old German Shephard mix. The Husky is my regular hiking partner and has been on some backpacking trips but unfortunately developed a seizure disorder that now limits him to day hikes. I have hopes for the Shephard and an considering making her as a search and rescue dog if she can pass the the requirements.

    Good luck on your next 1,000 miles! I’m looking forward to reading about your upcoming adventures.


  3. Kyle, loved your book and reading about your latest adventure. It got me through the summer…very Zen… I’m a high school teacher in New Jersey and if you’re ever in the area would love to have you speak to my students, you’re very down to earth and inspirational…less is more….

    1. Thank you Steve!

      I spoke to a class last year at my old high-school. They wanted me to talk about start it’s like publishing a book, as well as the process, and of course the hike too.

      I ended up telling them not be brainwashed by the “American Dream” and falling into the trap of chasing a paycheck 365 a year, and sinking themselves so deep into debt on things they don’t need, that they’ll never have the freedom to do all the things they really want to do.

      I was never asked back haha

  4. Hi Mayor, I read your book and enjoyed it immensely. I hope you are going to write more. I’ll watch for the next book. I’ve enjoyed following your hike this year, but I wonder if you are pushing so hard to get the miles each day you are missing out on the scenery, beauty, and the other hikers around you. Your trip on the AT seemed less rushed. You are way out ahead and obviously one of the best on the trail. I hope you can smell the roses as you go by. Peace -=- Mike

  5. Thank you for your honesty and insight. Your writing is delightful. I actually laugh out loud often which is good for the soul. What you are doing is inspiring and it’s awesome that you are sharing it with us all. Your momma raised a good boy and it warms my heart to read about your view points and your desire to understand the important things in life. Not many as young as you get it and some people never do. Keep writing Kyle…you have a talent for sure ♡

  6. I read all of your blog posts and look at all of your photos. I like your data headings (mileage, elevations, days without a shower). You’re a great travel journalist and it’s fascinating to read about your experiences, from what you eat to the people you meet. Stay safe, keep writing and happy journeys. Oregon is a beautiful place.

  7. I agree, your blog is great. Just keep writing about whatever you feel moved to write about. A hiking friend pointed me to your blog and it’s one of 2 PCT blogs I follow. Yours is by far the better of the 2. 🙂 I have to admit, I think what drew me in at first was Katana. But I’m still reading! I really appreciate your comments on the wildlife, your strange encouters with people, but most of all, your personal reflections on how this experience is challenging you internally and making you grow as person, the strength that you draw up from deep within to face the challenges, the wisdom you are getting from the trail – other than the beauty of Nature, this is what motivates me to hike. I wish you a safe continuation and all the best to you and Katana!

  8. Kyle,your blog is fantastic,I don’t think you need to change a thing. I guess a phone is all you need because I just don’t see how it could be any better. Your writing is so descriptive and honest and makes the reader seem as though they are right there with you. I worry when days go by with no news,but then you post a bunch of stories and it all comes to life again. I,like others,miss Katana and hope she is doing well. I am so glad I found your blog,it is actually the only one I have taken the time to follow. I will probably think of questions to ask you,but will save them until I can find the right ones to ask!

  9. Keep on doing what you’re doing. It’s awesome following along with you on this journey. It gives me a sense of adventure when I’m stuck in my books. I finish Nursing school (I’m a 38 yo guy lol) in 5 weeks. First thing I plan on doing is reading your book after I graduate.

  10. I am so enjoying following your journey. I have only been on short stretches of the PCT but delight in reading your words about it. I so want to follow in your footsteps and hike the entire trail. We shall see. Thank you again for sharing your experiences. You have no idea what they mean to me. Stay safe in your journeys.

  11. Hi Kyle!

    I so have enjoyed following you and reading your blogs. It is nice to live vicariously through your journey while down in Texas. Hopefully Katana is doing well. I am a vet, so was sad to hear she has glaucoma, but a lot of dogs do really well with it even if they have to lose an eye at some point. I bet she’ll do just fine. We are headed up to crater lake at the end of the August and are going to hike a small part of the surrounding PCT. maybe we will run into you! 🙂

  12. I am definitely enjoying reading about your journey and have been reading since you started. Miss the Katana stories but her safety and comfort is important. So I was just wondering how those altra lone peaks are working out for you? I have run in the altra Olympus before but now am running in Hoka trail shoes and swear by them. Work very well for my ultra trail races and that’s what counts. Have fun hiking in Oregon and I look forward to reading about the rest of your journey. The northwest is beautiful country.

  13. I absolutely love reading your blog. I see you are now in Ashland, and enjoying the “mountains” of Oregon. I am sure everyone will be welcoming and stay safe. I do miss reading about Katana but she seems to safe and sound at home.

  14. Hi Kyle, I haven’t read your latest post, because first I just wanted to let you know I am so glad to see you post. I have been checking daily and was worried so much time had passed. My husband was a through hiker in 1974 and I have him reading your book now and my daughter has loved reading your post PCT posts. My husband and I were saying what a wonderful job you have done writing about the wonders, challenges, and inspiration of your journey. I think it would make a fabulous movie (we just watched Meru – a documentary about 3 men MT climbing in India) and said that stories like yours and theirs make for much better entertainment then so many negative shoot em ups. Also, as a fellow shiba owner, I would recommend two cool FB sites that have talked about glaucoma in dogs. Mike Bass who administers Shiba Inu Crazy People https://www.facebook.com/groups/1766809346910591/?fref=nf has a sweet dog who has had an eye removed and is doing great. There is also Shibaholics. Both sites are full of very knowledgeable people who have dealt with every conceivable issue – although I must say you and Kenton Johnson seem to be the only two I have seen who have wonderful hiker Shibas. Long post – but I have had you and Katana on my thoughts a lot lately. Keep the faith!

  15. Hi Kyle – I, like so many others, have been enjoying your blog. I haven’t been on any long through hikes but I entertain the idea from time to time. Your journey is an inspiration. It is very interesting reading about how fast things can change from day to day on the trail. I also have spent a lot of time looking at maps of CA, OR, and WA and have been to several of the towns/cities you make stops at so I am also enjoying picturing the places that you are telling stories about and knowing what the terrain looks like for the most part. In addition to enjoying your stories/encounters, I have been worrying about you and your hiking friends each time I hear of wildfires on and around the PCT. There have been some big ones – most recently around Crater Lake. Wishing you safe travels and fun adventures. Tanya

  16. Thank you for taking the time to do this blog! I loved your AT book and this PCT blog is great too. How lucky that elderly lady was that you came along to find her…my mom had Alzheimer’s so I know how vulnerable this woman was out there. Can’t wait to see how the next 1000 miles go and I hope everything turns out ok with little Katana when you get back home. Be safe!

  17. Congrats, Kyle!…..Great progress!…..Looking strong, friend!….. 👍😎 …..
    ps…..Friend Cindy Wisniecski sent you a trail angel package per Alicia’s instructions….. Hope you received it!….. 🌟

  18. Hey Kyle. Just wanted to check on Katana. I haven’t read any of the fastest posts, except this one so far. I’ll catch up this weekend. Hoping she’s doing well, and want to offer a little advise or encouragement for you both. For you, keep up the hike, I know it’s not the same as the AT, but it’s the differences that make it unique. And for The CatFox, hang in there. I have lost an eye also, and I know of many completely blind dogs that get along just great. Usually they have a companion dog that helps them get around. And they always have great humans watching out for them, like you do. Can’t wait for updates and to see you out on the trail again.

  19. You are amazing! I enjoy reading about your journey very much. Your humor and raw honesty is refreshing. Tears come to my eyes when I think to mention your Katana so I’ll just leave it at that. You are an inspiration to me and to do many others. Thank you.

  20. Is this the last entry??? I hope not….I have enjoyed following you and marvel at your resilience….I suppose that comes with your passion for hiking…..and honestly, I do NOT understand that passion. I have a friend in Tennessee who shares your passion and is not happy when she’s not out on a trail hiking since her retirement. Take care~

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