Racing Winter on the Pacific Crest Trail – Day 107

​Day- 107

Date- 7/31/16

Location- Forested ridge

Elevation- 5,322 ft

Distance Traveled Today- 25.6 miles

Distance Traveled Total- 1,434.4 miles

Weather/Temp- clear 90s

Injuries- none

Pain level- low

Spirits/Morale- tired

Days without shower- 1

Hunger/craving- low


Kicked the day off around 10:30 with a hitch from a middle aged man named Dave.
Not far into the trail,  I discovered a plethora of trail magic left in the woods. Being fresh out of town,  I didn’t take any of the drinks or snacks.  No sense in me depleting something that someone not going into town would really appreciate. One more passers-by will be able to enjoy it now.

I took my sweet time today in the dry heat, even stopping to sleep under a footbridge next to a creek for about an hour.  I enjoyed eating the rest of my bread sticks here as well.

After moving on, I began a 2,000+ foot climb to cooler elevations.  I don’t know why,  but for some reason I decided to try my hand at some poetry. As I walked,  I played with verses in my head and wrote down the ones that I liked. It was a wonderful way to pass the time,  and I managed to come up with three poems that I liked before finishing the entire climb.  I don’t think they’re anything special, and I don’t know if they will read correctly without me reciting them myself (in part because I don’t even know if their layout is correct), but I’m satisfied with them,  and I can put some more effort into them at a later date.

Other than my walking poetry, I took it very slow, and nothing incredible happened. I simply watched Mt. Shasta  grow larger with every new view of her.  I finished up the 25 mile day leisurely at around 8 pm, and enjoyed my last 4 slices of pizza for dinner.

Strangely,  I did not see another soul today.  It almost had me wondering if I was on the correct trail…

Here are my poems for you to make fun of.  I gave them somewhat of a thru hiking theme,  but I went kind of dark and “Edgar Allan Poe” on the last one.

#1 (Free) 
We are the ones who know no rest;                 Who wander the mountains valley to crest

From canyons deep to peaks so tall;                   We won’t stop till we’ve seen them all

Tireless, relentless, hapless, alone;             Where we lay our head is home

To some it seems we’re on the run;     Attempting escape of a life undone

But what they all fail to see;                                     Is the life we lead is pure and free

#2 (We left our homes) 

We left our homes in search of ourselves;       not sure of what we’d find

We’d had enough of acquiring stuff,                 and the rules of old mankind

So we cast our chains, changed our  names,   and hit the dusty trail

Through deserts of fire and mountains of ice,  no one could really tell; is this the world we’re living in, a paradise and hell?

Yet still we roamed in search of ourselves; among every rock and stone

Looking for the place within our soul that we could call our own

 #3 (Stay out of the forest) 
The forest at night is a curious place;                Not for the feint of heart

Step incorrectly and you could be…                   the forest’s next work of art

Painting the rocks with shades of red amid a symphony of screams;

Or maybe the teeth of a wiley beast as yellow eyes do gleam

So stay in your homes when the sun goes down; safe away from harm

Sit back, relax, we’ll bring the forest to you; through words of wit and charm.

Critique away, Internet!

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  1. Nice words Kyle
    1 and 3 I like more, but 3 felt like a story in its own way. I liked it more for that reason.

    Question for ya, do you talk out loud while hiking alone? I mean when your walking along how are you keeping this all alive for later blogging or for your book even?

  2. I enjoyed ALL of the poems! I like your metaphors and the introspective flow of your thoughtful words… I hope you are inspired to write some more “walking poetry.” : )

  3. These are all excellent,Kyle! I think #1 is my favorite. Being outside away from distractions is a great way to come up with things. I am no writer,but I came up with a rap song about our crazy dog during my hikes with her:)

  4. Great poetry! I am totally going to try this next time out hiking as well. This is possibly something you’ve never tried your hand at or maybe so, but the freedom of the trail brought to mind these beautiful verses! One of the most awesome things I think about through hiking is that it gives you the time to totally get inside your head and explore your true self. Good luck & hike on!

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