Racing Winter on the Pacific Crest Trail – Day 106

​July 30, 2016: ZERO DAY

My whole body feels bruised and I hardly slept due to all the cramping.  It’s over 100 degrees again,  but I’m staying in AC, building myself back up.
I spent the entire day passed out and drinking as many fluids as I can.  My girlfriend had pizza,  bread sticks,  and wings delivered to my room;  more food than I could eat,  so I plan to pack some of them out tomorrow.

I’ve been missing the little dog quite a bit lately,  so I’m going to include some pictures of her that have been sent to me recently by my girlfriend.  Try not to “oOoOo” and “awww” as much as I did…

I miss the rascal 🙁

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  1. These are fabulous photos! She is so precious,no wonder you miss her. You two will have quite a reunion when you finish the hike.

  2. Omygosh she looks so adorable and happy. I love the pic with her cuddling her toy. Just so sweet xoxoxoxoxoxoxox (sorry could not resist)

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