Day 106

‚ÄčJuly 30, 2016: ZERO DAY
My whole body feels bruised and I hardly slept due to all the cramping.  It’s over 100 degrees again,  but I’m staying in AC, building myself back up.  
I spent the entire day passed out and drinking as many fluids as I can.  My girlfriend had pizza,  bread sticks,  and wings delivered to my room;  more food than I could eat,  so I plan to pack some of them out tomorrow.  

I’ve been missing the little dog quite a bit lately,  so I’m going to include some pictures of her that have been sent to me recently by my girlfriend.  Try not to “oOoOo” and “awww” as much as I did…

I miss the rascal ūüôĀ



  1. Omygosh she looks so adorable and happy. I love the pic with her cuddling her toy. Just so sweet xoxoxoxoxoxoxox (sorry could not resist)

  2. These are fabulous photos! She is so precious,no wonder you miss her. You two will have quite a reunion when you finish the hike.

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