Racing Winter on the Pacific Crest Trail – Day 102

​Day- 102

Date- 7-26-16

Location- Chester

Elevation- 4,541ft

Distance Traveled Today- 16 miles

Distance Traveled Total- 1328.8 miles

Weather/Temp-  clear 80s 90s

Injuries- none

Pain level- low

Spirits/Morale- content

Days without shower- 0

Hunger/craving- low


Hit the trail at 7:30 feeling tired but strong.  Once I got the blood flowing, I blasted out 6.5 uphill miles without breaking stride, took a break on top of the ridge, guzzled water, then began my approach to the halfway monument.

Since entering Lassen National Forest,  the trail has been incredibly overgrown to the point of not even being able to see the trail.  You simply have to push through the foliage as it scrapes against your body,  sometimes painfully. A lot of the trail for the last hundred miles has been very overgrown,  but the last two days have been really bad.  Below are two pictures of the trail…although you can’t really see it.

I hit the halfway “monument” around 8ish miles into the morning.  It was pretty anticlimactic, but no less surreal to hike over 1,300 miles and know you’re only halfway done.

I did another 8 leisurely miles to a highway by 1:30pm,  but it took me over an hour to score a ride into the town of Chester with an elderly man named Bob.   I’m waiting to pick up some antibiotics that should be arriving tomorrow. If I’ve got any bugs in my system, these are going to take care of them.
Town plans…eat, drink sweet tea, and be merry.  Soak up the surroundings and the people. The towns are spacing out again,  so I’m looking forward to doing some more really big consecutive days.
On a side note,  I think I may shave my beard tomorrow.  It’s so hot and dusty, my beard is nothing but a tangled, coarse,  grimey mess.  I’ve done the beard thing, and although it’s a thru hike tradition, I feel like I won’t miss it. Actually I probably will,  but I know I’ll feel 100 times better and look about 15 years younger.

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  1. Congratulations on the halfway point, Kyle!…..A hiking friend of mine, Cindy Wisnieski, on Facebook now with Alicia Carlson, would like to send you a trail angel package……Considering the time it would take to be mailed from Ohio to a post office of your choice asap, what PO would you recommend she mail it to and how should she address it?……She asked if you would also like a McDonalds gift certificate?…..Any other suggestions of things you might like?…..Please let me and/or Alicia know so Cindy can get started on her gifts to you…..Thanks!

  2. Congratulations on hitting the midpoint that’s awesome! It’s all “downhill” from here on out LOL. Shaving the beard is a great way to “shead” the first half of your journey…go ahead and leave a “beard print” right there 🙂

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