Racing Winter on the Pacific Crest Trail – Day 83

Day- 83
Date- 7-6-16
Location- Lake Tahoe
Elevation- 7,474 ft
Distance Traveled Today- 22 miles
Distance Traveled Total-  1092.2 miles
Weather/Temp-  clear 60s 70s
Injuries- none
Pain level- low
Spirits/Morale- determined
Days without shower- 0
Hunger/craving- low


Began hiking before 7 am, and Katana had tender feet right off the bat.  I didn’t even sweat it; my resolve was absolute today.


I carried her for every step of the 22 miles today,  up and down the climbs and descents that totaled well into the thousands of feet. As a motivating factor,  I didn’t eat today while hiking.  No breakfast,  no lunch,  no snacks. In the right circumstances, I feel like this strategy focuses me. Knowing that a town lies within reach, depriving myself of what I want/need actually gives me strength, mental, then physical,  to accomplish what I need to accomplish. The hunger pains drive me to push harder and faster to get where I need to be,  in order to have what I want to have.  It’s nothing more than a mind game with myself.  Making counterproductive decisions,  in order to increase the production/output of my mind and body.

We hiked so steady and fast, we knocked out the 22 miles to the road by a quarter after 4 pm. We caught a ride into Tahoe,  checked into a motel 6, dropped Katana off in the room,  then began our journey to a casino buffet.

The process of catching a bus, getting to the casino,  waiting in line to pay,  waiting in line to be seated,  and fighting the food lines took over two hours.  Those two hours were harder than the 22 mile hike earlier today. Food was all around us,  but our minds were made up on the buffet, the first buffet of the entire trail. It was 100% worth the trouble and wait.


The plans for tomorrow are up in the air.  This town is colorful and beautiful, but the crowds of perfume drenched tourists really sucks the life out of me.  Thousands of people trying to be a million different things…exhausting.

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  1. Fasting does amazing things to our bodies and minds. It was amazing to hear your thoughts. Keep up the good days. We are right there with you guys. Carla

  2. I’m so glad you’re still blogging and equally glad you guys got a much needed buffet!

  3. Hello Kyle, I just finished reading your book last week. It was truly a page turner! On a whim I decided to Google you to see what you were up to. I saw where you are on the PCT and decided to get caught up with where you are by following your blog. So sorry to hear about Katana’s condition with her eyes. It’s so obvious how much you love her. Please keep posting and don’t give up! You’ve come so far!

  4. I don’t usually comment on the blogs I read but yours has been so real, I felt like I knew you in person. I had tears in my eyes reading about Katana and her glaucoma but you are such an attentive fur-dad I know she will overcome any limitation she may have.

    I have anticipated your posts and was so happy this morning to see you had added a few more. That being said, I hope you enjoy the remainder of your journey. Please post a completion pic at the monument so we know you and Katana made it!

    Happy trails and keep on keepin’ on!

  5. Kyle, I finally figured out why I love your book about the AT more than any other book I have read about hiking: You not only bring the reader along on the journey with you physically, but emotionally too. …and I have to say that your honesty about your feelings is inspiring. You are still young and do not carry the cynicism that so many other folks do. I totally agree with you about the whole social media thing. People have created these pseudo connections in a fake cyber world that is meaningless. Real connections with real people mean so much more. I am sure that the important people in your life are very proud of you. As far as Katana…I am sorry to hear about the glaucoma….I have to say that in spite of this sad news, she will be able to adapt probably better than you. The drops you have will help greatly in preventing further damage. You are giving this little dog a wonderful life full of love and fun which is all she needs. I know that feelings of defeat can be tough, but this is the challenge that is placed upon us sometimes, and you are resilient! If I were your momma I would be so very proud of you. Give that fur baby a kiss and keep that faith 🙂

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