Racing Winter on the Pacific Crest Trail – Day 42

Day- 42
Date- 5-25-16
Location- Tehachapi
Elevation- 4,370 ft
Distance Traveled Today- zero
Distance Traveled Total- 558.5 miles
Weather/Temp- 40s 50s Rainy
Injuries- none
Pain level- low
Spirits/Morale- anxious
Days without shower- 1
Hunger/craving- low


We had every intention of hiking out today. We got up early,  got to the bus stop, then caught the bus into Tehachapi in hopes of procuring a ride to the trail. The chances of getting a ride from Mojave straight to the trail were fairly slim; hence the location change.

Within twenty minutes of getting to Tehachapi, it was storming, raining, and the temperature was in the 40s. We decided to wait it out in a local pizza joint that said dogs were allowed inside.

As we sat there eating and waiting around,  a woman and her father approached us and straight up asked us if we wanted to stay in their empty house that they hadn’t moved into yet. This was very random, but you never turn down kindness of this magnitude,  so we accepted; and thus,  our fourth zero commenced.

To be quite honest, the zeros are of no consequence right now.  It’s been snowing everyday in the high Sierras  (the section right after the desert), and nobody is going into them.  Hikers are bottle necking in an area called “Kennedy Meadows,” which lies right at the foot of the Sierras. Many of those hikers are actually coming back down to Tehachapi and Mojave to wait on the snow to melt; since Kennedy Meadows has nothing to offer, and there really isn’t anything between these two areas.  It’s quite frustrating, and I’m getting very anxious to get going.  The frustrating  part is knowing that I’m going to have to wait around some more.

The people that opened their “soon to be” home to us were awesome.  It’s completely unfurnished, but it’s a roof over our heads and warm; we couldn’t ask for more.

The woman,  her husband,  and their two children even brought us pizzas for dinner and hung around to talk and tell stories for a couple hours before heading back to their other house.

I’ve stayed at private residences on thru hikes before,  but I’ve never been given the run of a house all to myself.  This is trusting and kindness on a level I hadn’t experienced until today.

Tomorrow I think we’re going to do some surprise cleaning for the family,  and geton back to the trail in the afternoon.  The forecast is looking good.

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  1. Hi, Eydie here, I am enjoying reading all about your hike, I hope to get back on the trail, I use to live in Tehachapi, , we use to hike all over there, stay safe and happy, ,

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